Innovative Changes Improve Patient Care and Staff Morale

If there is any kind of silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is currently going through, it’s that it inspires innovation in all sorts of ways. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the healthcare field. Nurses, doctors, and healthcare facility staff across the world are innovating every day in response to an unprecedented threat — and that’s improving patient care and slowly but surely turning the tide against the virus.

A Seattle Hospital’s Innovative Thinking

One Seattle hospital is putting its innovative thinking into practice in their COVID-19 ward. UW Medicine’s Northwest campus can serve as an example for other hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country with their unique and fast-thinking approaches to battling the virus.

The facility has designated “hot zones” where personal protective equipment (PPE) is required at all times, and “cold zones” where it is not. The cold zones are sealed off with protective plastic. When someone emerges from the hot zone, a dedicated individual is there to make sure they take off all of their PPE in the right way — that extra set of eyes ensures there is no accidental contamination. This approach also allows PPE to be used to its full capacity and not be wasted, as there is no need to take it off between patients inside the hot zone.

The hospital has also innovated by implementing negative airflow on its COVID-19 floors, thereby preventing the spread of aerosols within the floor. And nurses are using baby monitors to keep an eye on patients in the hot zone while they’re in the cold zone.


The Benefits Go Beyond Better Care

UW Medicine’s innovative approach is helping patients get better with minimal risk to hospital staff — the benefits of their tactics for patients is clear. But there are other benefits that go beyond patient care.

The hospital’s quick thinking and team-based approach is a huge boost to staff morale. Rather than scrambling to keep up, they innovated right away and have seen those actions pay off. The hospital is even considering playing music over the intercom system whenever a patient recovers from their sickness to further boost staff and patient morale.


Don’t Be Afraid of Change!

UW Medicine’s approach is just one example of the way that change in the healthcare system is a good thing, even in the face of an unprecedented pandemic. And it could be a model for the way hospitals treat patients in the future, especially when it comes to contagious diseases. Embrace change at your facility and find out how it benefits your staff and patients!

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