Healthcare Recruiting Tips: Eliminate Hidden Bias in Your Hiring Process

Like it or not, some measure of bias is part of human nature. And when it comes to the hiring process, those biases can seep in if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so important to identify hidden biases in your facility’s hiring process — then and only then can you take steps to eliminate them.

What are the hidden biases?

Hidden biases are opinions or tendencies that we have that we may not even realize we have. In the world of hiring, even the most professional of HR staff might fall victim to these biases, which can exclude certain candidates unfairly. Confirmation bias is one example. You may picture an older woman for a certain management position, for instance, and subconsciously look for candidates who fit this image. Then, you look for reasons to hire someone who fits the picture in your head, rather than looking at all candidates objectively and deciding based on nothing but qualifications. In this way, you’re confirming your own bias.

How can hidden biases impact my facility?

Hiring based on biases excludes many qualified candidates, so you may be missing many individuals who would fit perfectly into your facility. And when you don’t have a diverse and inclusive staff, you’re not having the most creative, innovative, and cohesive team that you can. Ultimately, hiring without checking your own biases could make your team less effective, which can start impacting patient care in the long run.

How can hidden biases be eliminated?

Reducing your exposure to information that could sway your opinion is an excellent way to eliminate bias in the hiring process. Recruiting software makes it possible to screen resumes and remove information like names, graduation years, and school names, etc. so that the people reading those resumes don’t assume anything based on that information. Another method for eliminating bias is to think outside of the box when it comes to traditional interviews. Many companies experiment with sample tests and experiential interviews in which the candidate is evaluated in the field. That way, their work quality is what counts, not a line on their resume.

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