A Recap of 2020: Healthcare Edition

While the last year presented unprecedented challenges for all types of businesses, the healthcare industry was hit hard. And although it’s been a tough stretch, medical facilities learned valuable lessons too. Here’s a recap of 2020: Healthcare Edition.

Top Healthcare Takeaways from 2020

Prioritize Staff and Patient Safety

Throughout the course of the pandemic, Coronavirus outbreaks devastated many nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and prisons across the country. Hospitals and medical offices faced similar challenges in curbing the spread of the virus. Ultimately, these institutions were not only responsible for their residents/patients but also for their staff. As a result, they needed to quickly develop effective safety plans. This included providing everyone with PPE, implementing strict sanitizing measures, and preventing further outbreaks through testing and contact tracing.

Have Backup Plans

Even though COVID-related supply shortages impacted almost everyone in the country, medical facilities faced a particularly dangerous situation. Many hospitals couldn’t supply the required PPE for the doctors and nurses or the necessary ventilators for Coronavirus patients. Fortunately, many companies across the United States came to the rescue. Ford Motor Company switched over to manufacturing respirators and ventilators, while organizations like Apple and Salesforce donated N-95 masks. Similarly, travel nurses eased staffing shortages by moving from hot spot to hot spot as the pandemic spread. And hotel and rental companies, like Airbnb, assisted in providing temporary housing for front-line workers.

Find Innovative Ways to Overcome Obstacles

The healthcare industry faced unimaginable obstacles in 2020, but patients still needed care. So, doctors and nurses got creative. When people couldn’t make it into the office for regular checkups, doctors integrated telemedicine with virtual screenings and follow-ups. When hospitals restricted visitation, nurses held up phones and tablets so patients could still see and talk to their loved ones. This type of resilience helped both medical facilities and patients push through an extraordinarily difficult year.


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