Forecasting the Healthcare Job Market

Managing a medical facility isn’t easy. There are lots to consider including staffing. So, is it time for you to start forecasting the healthcare job market for 2021? Here’s a brief overview of the factors that may impact the upcoming year.

Healthcare Job Market Trends for 2021

Healthcare Workers Will Be in High Demand

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.4 million new healthcare jobs will be created from 2019 to 2029. This is a much faster growth than for ANY other occupational group. Plus, this data was published prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. And unfortunately, COVID-19 surges around the country have further complicated staffing shortages. To address the ongoing need for more medical staff, hospitals and facilities must be creative. Rather than competing for a limited number of nurses, organizations should work together to improve outreach and development programs. For example, in 2002, Johnson & Johnson established their Campaign for Nursing’s Future to promote medical careers.

COVID Will Impact Nursing Recruitment

From photographs of overwhelmed medical professionals to stories of travel nurses earning $70 an hour, the COVID crisis altered the public’s view of nursing. As a result, some people will switch out of medical fields to avoid overwork and burnout. While others may pursue a nursing career because of the potential for high pay. Once again, the medical community must coordinate their efforts to manage future nurses’ expectations. Although devastating staffing shortages and extremely lucrative compensation are the current norm, these are pandemic-based not necessarily long-term trends.

Travel Nursing Will Become More Popular

For years, travel nurses have temporarily relocated to assist with hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, flu outbreaks, and even hospital strikes. However, until the pandemic hit, this was a lesser-known labor niche. When COVID-19 hot spots broke out across the United States, hospitals quickly turned to travel and per-diem nurses. In fact, many travel nursing companies filled twice as many orders in 2020 as compared to 2019. Licensing agreements between states have made travel nursing arrangements easier too. Currently, 33 states take part in the Nurse Licensure Compact and six more are awaiting legislative approval. This compact allows nurses who hold a valid license in one of these states to practice freely between the rest. These types of changes may shift travel nursing from a novelty to a more mainstreamed phenomenon.


Is Your Facility Ready for Changes in the Healthcare Job Market?

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