How to Build a Culture That Inspires Your Nurses

You want your nursing team to perform at the top of their game. So, what can your organization do to promote engagement and increase morale? Here’s how to build a culture that inspires your nurses.

Tips for Building a Culture That Inspires Your Nurses

Show Them HOW They Make a Difference

Everyone knows nurses make a difference, but the day-to-day life of a healthcare worker can be difficult, exhausting, and draining. In those moments, remind your team how important they truly are. Regularly document inspirational stories and encourage patients to write Thank You notes. Then, share these narratives either at meetings, through email, or on community bulletin boards.

Clearly Define Roles

Even under the best of circumstances, your nurses will struggle to do their jobs well if they don’t understand what they’re supposed to do. Clearly communicate your organization’s expectations and everyone’s responsibilities. In addition, give guidance along the way. If someone makes a mistake, offer a constructive correction instead of a harsh reprimand.

Give Them a Voice

Although nurses have less formal education than doctors, they’re still highly trained professionals. Let them know their expertise matters by instructing them to speak up if they see a problem. Then, actively listen to their concerns. American author Amy Edmondson discusses how this practice improves corporate cultures in her TED Talk, Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace.

Treat Your Nurses Well

Your organization expects your nurses to provide quality care for their patients. Therefore, led by example and treat your nurses well! Create a pleasant working environment, don’t ask your staff to work unreasonably long hours, and establish a competitive and fair pay scale. When your team recognizes they have your unwavering support, they’ll be inspired to do their best work.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development is one of the most inspiring perks. You are telling your team they are so valuable your organization wants to invest in them. Tuition reimbursement programs and ongoing on-site training are popular options. However, if you’re on a budget, consider equally effective but lower-cost alternatives. For example, you could pay for and/or help nurses track their Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Both the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and Emory University offer affordable or free CEU webinars and classes.


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