Who You Know Could Earn You Money!

Do you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who’s a talented medical professional? Are they looking for a job or thinking about a change? If so, WHO you know could earn you money!


How Can WHO You Know Earn You Money?

It’s easy when you work for an organization, like BOS Medical Staffing, with a referral program. Basically, when you suggest someone for a job, your company will award you a bonus. This may be extra time off, a gift card or cash.


Why Do Medical Facilities Give Referral Bonuses?

Referral bonuses may sound too good to be true. However, in the end, these programs help businesses save time and money on recruiting. Additionally, referred candidates tend to be higher-quality hires. In fact, research shows, referrals tend to stay at jobs longer and perform better than regular applicants.


Are There Any Limitations?

Usually, there are some ground rules. After all, hospitals and medical facilities can’t hand out money every time someone makes a suggestion. Therefore, most places pay bonuses only if a referral accepts an offer or works for a given period.


How Can You Make a Successful Referral?

Even if you know an incredibly talented individual, there are no guarantees. Sometimes referrals work out and sometimes they don’t. Nevertheless, you can stack the odds in your favor with these guidelines:

  • Only Recommend Top Candidates
    Ultimately, a bad referral reflects negatively on you. Therefore, before you start the process ask, “Is this person qualified?” “Would they be a good culture fit?” and “Are they interested in the role?” If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you’re probably wasting everybody’s time.
  • Offer Insider Insights
    Since you’re already an employee at the hospital or medical facility, you know what it’s like to work there. Provide your referral with insider insights about culture, schedules, management, and more. This information gives the person a better idea of whether the position would truly be a good fit.
  • Don’t Get Overly Involved
    Once you’ve made the recommendation, step back. You shouldn’t pressure someone who’s not interested to apply or badger your facility into hiring someone who’s not right for the job. These decisions impact them NOT you. So, let them make the call.


Should I Tell My Referral About the Bonus?

Yes. Being upfront prevents bad feelings down the line. Plus, most people view referrals as a win/win situation. They find an amazing new job and you get paid.


Are You (Or Someone You Know) Looking for a New Healthcare Job?

BOS Medical Staffing is hiring CNAs, LPNs, and RNs for positions in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond. We provide healthcare and dental coverage, flexible schedules, and, of course, referral bonuses. Refer a friend here, or browse all our available openings and discover a better opportunity today!

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