How to Land A Nursing Job in Atlanta With No Experience

Can I Get A Nursing Job in Atlanta With No Experience?

When seeking your first nursing job in Atlanta, you may be nervous about finding a position when you have no experience. But, if you have finished your schooling and taken your exams, chances are, you will be in good shape. Healthcare is a growing field in Atlanta and nurses are in high demand. You shouldn’t have any trouble landing a good position. Starting with the right strategy can ensure your first nursing job is the right one for you, not just the first one you find. 

The sooner you begin looking, the better. That doesn’t mean you have to rush. You will have more time to explore your options. You may want to hit the ground running as soon as you finish your schooling, take some time off before you start, or even try different work environments until you find the right fit.  


Here’s How To Get Started On Your Nursing Job Search

Make a list of what you would like most in your nursing career or at least what you’d like to learn more about. What sounds more like your vision? A rural walk-in clinic? A large metropolitan hospital system? Would you like to work in a school? A doctor’s office? An assisted living center? Do you want to travel or settle in for the long haul?  

Don’t worry if you’re not fully qualified for your dream job. Defining a target can get your career moving in the right direction. If you’re not sure, that’s fine too. The beginning of your career is the perfect time to investigate your options. No matter what job you start with, you’ll gain valuable experience and make connections.  


How To Find Entry Level Nursing Jobs Hiring Now in Atlanta:

  • Work with your nursing school’s career center. 
  • Take a look at online job posts or attend a job fair. 
  • Contact institutions you’re interested in directly. 
  • Network with friends in healthcare or from nursing school. 
  • Sign up with an employment agency for nurses in Atlanta 


Before you accept a job offer, consider if it makes sense for your long-term goals. Try to find positions that are aligned with the career path you have in mind. If it turns out not to fit, you can always redirect. For example, if you think you’d like to work in pediatrics, working in a pediatrician’s office is a good place to figure that out. 


Temporary And Travel Nursing Jobs In Atlanta

Another way to gain experience and make decisions about your career is by trying temporary or travel positions. Temporary nursing jobs include on-call and per-diem jobs that can be as short as a day or can go on for weeks or months. Travel assignments are generally thirteen weeks but can be extended depending on your need and your interest. Most travel nursing assignments require a year or more of experience, but not all do. It’s worth talking to a few travel nursing agencies in Atlanta to find out what your options are. You can always get that first year or two under your belt in temporary nursing jobs. As busy as careers in healthcare tend to be, that year will fly by and you’ll have more choices. 


How Hard is it To Get a Nursing Job After Graduating and Passing Your Exams?

According to a survey by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the average job offer rate at the time of graduation was 76% for new BSN graduates. You can rest at ease that your chances of finding a job are excellent. Even if you leave school without a position, it shouldn’t take long to find one.  

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Get started early. Apply for jobs during your last semester of school. Don’t wait until the last minute. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll have peace of mind. 
  • Pay attention to any deadlines. Some large healthcare systems may hire new grads in groups or classes. If you miss the cutoff, you’ll have to wait several months for another shot. 
  • Use all your options. Apply on company websites, on job portals, and register with recruitment agencies, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. 


40 Years of "You're Hired!"


Types Of Nursing Jobs That Don’t Require A Lot of Experience

Other than temporary jobs, there are other types of nursing jobs with a lower barrier to entry, including med-surg nursing, home healthcare, and skilled nursing. Consider positions like these for your first nursing job. 



Med-surg nurses prepare patients for surgery and care for them immediately afterward. It’s a good way to start your nursing career because you work with a variety of patients. Because you’re in a hospital or surgical clinic, there will be plenty of other medical staff to provide assistance and supervision as you gain confidence in your abilities.  


Home Healthcare

You may also see this referred to as visiting nurses. These nurses help people to remain in their homes by monitoring their condition and providing assistance with wound care, IV drug administration, and other care that can be difficult for patients to manage on their own.


Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities are like nursing homes, but for patients who require more care. The goal is to improve their condition to the point where they can go home. You can likely get a job in a skilled nursing facility with no experience.  


Tips For Applying For Your First Nursing Job

 The process for applying for your first nursing job in Atlanta is much like applying for any other job. You’ll need a solid resume, interview skills and how to find the right jobs to apply for. 


Polish Your Resume

Your resume is the first chance an employer will have to see what you are like and if you will fit the job requirements and with their medical facility. Detail any experience you have had to date as well as your education. If you had any experience in the community, clinical experience or gained any skills that might set you apart be sure to include it. The career center at your nursing school can view your resume to ensure it presents you well to employers. A nurse recruiter can also help you polish it so it’s in top form. 


Prepare For Your Interview

Your first job interview for your new nursing career can be daunting. You don’t know what to expect and you’re worried about making a good impression. The secret to increasing your confidence is practice and research. When you are preparing for an interview find out as much as you can about the facility and job you’re interviewing for. Find out what they specialize in, how they are viewed in the community, and what their mission or philosophy is. Your knowledge and effort will show the interviewer how well you fit into the organization. 


Phone Screens

Your first interview may be a phone screen or a video interview, particularly if the job is not local. Phone screens are pretty basic. The phone interviewer just wants to get an idea of whether you understand the job and have the necessary qualifications for the position. They are generally brief and don’t go into depth as much as an in-person interview. 


In-Person Interviews

In-person interviews are designed to get to know you and give you the opportunity to learn about them. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, but be your best professional self, not your weekend self. Think about why you wanted to get into nursing, why this job is the best one for you to achieve your goals, and what you have to offer this the employer. Eliminate some of your nervousness about the interview by practicing with a friend for a career center or a nursing job recruiter. 


Choosing The Right Job

With so many options for nursing jobs in Atlanta, how can you know the right one for you? Consider the different types of facilities that require nurses. Do you want to work in a small facility or a large one? What kind of patient population do you want to work with? You can work with everyone from infants to the elderly. The intensity can vary from family practice and sports injuries to emergency or critical care. Take some time to reflect on what kind of nursing career you want. 


Where Are The Nursing Jobs in Atlanta?

You may not have considered all the places where you can work as a nurse. This list covers just a few. To learn more, review opportunities online, contact your nursing school career center, or get in touch with a recruiter at a nurse staffing agency.  

Find Your First Nursing Job Here: 

  • Health Insurance Providers 
  • Home Health Care Agencies 
  • Large Medical Organizations 
  • Local Government Agencies 
  • Local Hospitals 
  • Nursing Homes 
  • Outpatient Clinics 
  • Rehabilitation Centers 
  • Schools 
  • Travel Nursing Agencies 


Ready To Find Your First Nursing Job?

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