Why American Sign Language (ASL) is an Important Skill for Nurses

Are you a nurse who’s focused on exploring ways to advance in the healthcare field? While there is an array of critical skills nurses must have to be successful, there are some that are less common than others. American sign language (ASL) happens to be a skill sought by many types of healthcare employers. Here are some of the top reasons why American sign language is such an important skill for nurses:


Enhanced communication abilities.

The most compassionate and accomplished nurses are those with superior communication. Using sign language enhances a nurse’s ability to communicate with various patient populations, especially deaf patients. There are also many pediatric medical settings that are increasingly employing nurses with sign language skills, as this allows for better communication between pediatric patients and their families. Through the use of sign language, nurses can facilitate better patient engagement and improve the quality of care.


Elevated patient care experience.

When nurses can incorporate sign language in their communication, it can elevate the patient care experience. This is because sign language allows nurses to connect on a deeper level with patients who may have limited communication abilities on a deeper level. This leads to greater compassion, empathy, and understanding for patients (both children and adults) affected by a wide range of disabilities.


Career advancement.

The skill of sign language can significantly enhance your career advancement, making you more marketable for a greater degree of nursing positions. Because nurses who are fluent in American sign language are considered bilingual, this skill can open doors to a wide range of healthcare jobs across the country, helping you stand out in the candidate pool. Furthermore, nurses with sign language abilities can often command higher salaries due to their broader range of communication skills.


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