How to Plan for a High Patient Census

Is your facility prepared for an influx of patients as winter quickly approaches? A high patient census is one of the most critical reasons to implement a sound staffing strategy. Proper staffing is key, from preventing staff burnout to maintaining adequate patient care. Here’s why utilizing the services of a reputable staffing firm can help you prepare for a high patient census:


Creating a positive culture.

When full-time staff is supported by temporary nurses, there’s naturally a greater sense of morale among everyone on the team. This has a positive impact on every aspect of your organization, from the way in which people work together to patient care outcomes. When temporary nurses supplement the work of full-time staff, your entire facility can operate and function at its best.


Maintaining proper patient care.

When there’s a lack of staffing, patient care often suffers. By outsourcing staffing, your facility can maintain a high level of patient care and satisfaction among all medical units and departments. By hiring temporary or temp-to-direct nursing professionals through a trusted staffing firm, you’ll ensure you’re fully equipped to handle increasing patient volumes, especially during peak times of the year. Furthermore, you’ll have access to a wide range of nursing candidates with various medical specialties and credentials for your facility’s specific needs (such as ER staffing).


Preventing nurse turnover.

With high patient volume, unfortunately, comes increased burnout – which can quickly result in major staff turnover. When nurses quit unexpectedly, inadequate staffing can result in poor patient outcomes, low morale, and excessive overtime for current staff. Utilizing staffing services reduces turnover rates, providing much-needed support for your existing medical teams during peak times throughout the year when flu and COVID cases are most prevalent.


Is your healthcare facility prepared for a high patient census?

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