How to Improve Your Healthcare Staff’s Ability to Handle Ethical Dilemmas

Have your healthcare staff faced ethical dilemmas that derail productivity and negatively affect patient care? Empowering your nursing staff with the vital information and resources to handle dilemmas is key to maintaining a high level of morale and patient satisfaction within your facility. Here are some ways in which your management team can effectively handle ethical dilemmas among staff:


Implement ethics training and education.

When it comes to handling ethical dilemmas, knowledge is power in many instances. Implementing formalized ethics training and education for staff will ensure they’re given the instruction, knowledge, and tools to handle ethical dilemmas in the most professional manner. While no ethical situation is the same, providing a foundation for learning will allow your staff to gain more insight and confidence in handling ethical challenges.


Promote a code of ethics.

The Center for Ethics and Human Rights, established by The American Nurses Association, is a credible guide for dealing with ethics issues in the nursing field. The Code addresses many ethical conflicts and how they should be handled, helping nurses navigate difficult situations they may encounter with patients and fellow staff. The Code is updated regularly, making it a current and trusted resource for nurses in all areas of healthcare.


Encourage communication.

Sometimes the best way for nursing staff to handle and prevent ethical dilemmas is to encourage open and honest communication. When nurses are encouraged to speak up about their ethical encounters, managers can play an integral role in identifying the best resolutions. Managers can take the initiative to address dilemmas promptly, so these situations are not unnecessarily prolonged or become detrimental to patients or staff.


With these management practices and more, you can help your healthcare staff handle ethical dilemmas easily and professionally.


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