How Healthcare Providers Can Boost Awareness of World Health Day

World Health Day, internationally celebrated each year on April 7th, is one of the most critical days for healthcare providers to create a dialogue about current advancements, challenges, and inadequacies within the ever-changing healthcare landscape. From recognizing staff to providing general education to the public, here are some ways in which providers can honor this annual event and advocate for the healthcare industry.


1) Celebrate your staff.

World Health Day is one of the most appropriate days of the year to celebrate your staff and honor them for their work. There are countless ways to recognize your team and make them feel appreciated, including departmental events or social gatherings, gifts or small tokens of appreciation, and allowing your staff to be thanked directly by your organization’s leaders. Publicly recognizing your team internally and within your community can reinforce to your patients the daily impact your healthcare employees make.


2) Educate the public.

As a healthcare employer, you can educate your community about World Health Day by sharing informative and engaging content through your organization’s marketing channels, such as your website and social media pages. Additionally, taking an active role in educating your internal public (including all your administrative staff and medical providers) about World Health Day will reinforce to them their role in creating a positive healthcare experience for patients at your facility.


3) Promote your facility’s mission.

Because World Health Day is heavily focused on addressing issues in healthcare, you can use this day to promote your facility’s mission and showcase how your team strives to impact the face of healthcare in your region and beyond. For example, suppose your clinic is involved in increasing healthcare access to those in rural populations. In that case, this may be an initiative you discuss within World Health Day. Sharing your facility’s strategies and resources for improving healthcare access and reducing barriers to healthcare can go hand in hand with marketing-related efforts surrounding World Health Day.


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