Where to Look for High-Paying Nursing Jobs

High-paying nursing jobs are plentiful, especially in the current environment. The nursing shortage has healthcare organizations scrambling to fill staffing needs and many offer very competitive salaries. Moreover specialized nursing jobs may earn even more pay, depending on the need.

For jobseekers in the healthcare field, even with the high demand for good nurses, it’s often difficult to know where to look to find a position that pays top dollar. Here we offer some resources for those in nursing who want to move forward in a dynamic and high-paying position.

Job Boards

The most obvious place for jobseekers to look would probably be a job board. Searching through sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster and so forth gives you a clear picture of the types of jobs available. They share minimal details about job-specifics but offer a glimpse of what the jobs entail.

You’ll no doubt notice the degrees, as they progress, earn more. For example a CNA is paid less than an RN and BSN. The same goes for nurse administrators and nurse managers. Experience earns you a higher-paying position and varying specialties such as nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, research nurse and pain management nurse are among the highest paid nursing positions.

Location, Location

Further, location plays a role in your salary. California pays nurses a higher salary than, say, Ohio, however the cost of living in California is a factor. Job listings also differ depending on the healthcare organization you choose. Working in a private clinic or doctor’s office may offer better working hours but definitely pays less than a larger workplace such as a hospital, where you would likely be expected to work 12-hour shifts. Working in an urban setting is usually more high-paying than working in a rural or even suburban healthcare facility.

Travel Nurses

As you peruse the job listings you may consider travel nursing. For those who qualify and for whom traveling isn’t an issue, travel nursing is a wonderful opportunity to see new places, learn new skills in patient care and, yes, earn a higher pay than regular nurses who stay put.

A travel nurse is among the highest paying nursing jobs. Your pay includes travel stipends, housing provisions, and many other creative incentives. Some employers even offer to pay toward your student loan debt. In any case, for those new to nursing, travel nursing offers more in the way of pay, experience and adventure.

Your Best Opportunity for High-Paying Nursing Jobs

If you don’t want to travel or have ties to your family and community you can always count on medical staffing to find the optimum situation for you. You’ll find very competitive salaries, a great working environment and a high-paying nursing job that is the perfect fit. Moreover you’ll get support from your staffing team.

At BOS Medical Staffing we appreciate our nurses and aim for your satisfaction. In addition to our support you can count on our commitment to finding you a position that accommodates your specific needs. Our healthcare organizations demand the best and that’s who we provide. Our nurses are qualified, experienced and above all have the know-how for excellence in patient care. 

Looking for a high-paying nursing job, or simply the best fit for your lifestyle right now? Contact BOS Medical Staffing. We always have your back.

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