7 Tips for Creating Nursing Position Listings That Attract Applicants

Posting nursing position listings that attract applicants is not that difficult if you know your audience. In fact when you create a jobs ad that’s engaging enough to get your potential hired to click on and engaging enough to pique their interest it impacts your business in several ways.

When you attract top applicants you add to your staff which in turn creates a stellar patient care environment and patient satisfaction. Happy employees are far more satisfied and want to stay in their job. You also avoid short-staffing which is crucial to employee retention.

7 Tips to Attract Applicants with your Nursing Position Listings

So how do you create the kind of nursing position listings that help you find the cream of the crop and attract applicants? Here we offer 7 tips to finding the right words to generate a response that brings the right people to your team. 

1. Job Title

The job title is as important as any first impression. See what kind of job titles pop up on google. Get creative but remain professionals. For example: 

  • Home Health Registered Nurse or Home Health RN
  • Managed Care Registered Nurse
  • Geriatric Home Health RN

These titles offer a glimpse of what the job may entail and allow non-qualified job seekers to scroll on by.

2. Announcement

Here is where you really need to call on your creativity. Get excited in your language and invite the potential hire to get excited as well.

“The exciting world of home health care allows you, as an RN, to work with patients in their own home and provide a degree of care that goes beyond clinical. Grow your skills as you make a difference in the lives of your patients who appreciate your knowledge, experience and tremendous professionalism.”

Use the job announcement to provide a brief bit about the benefits of working in home health or a clinical environment, depending on the position.

3. Your “Ideal” Applicant

This is where you summarize the type of applicant you desire. For instance you may need someone with a flexible schedule or a background in specific type of care. Feel free to add any personality traits you might require; friendly and outgoing hints that the patients in their care are happy for the company and might be a bit chatty. Customize a list of bullet points specific to the position. The less generic you are the better.

4. A Little Bit About Your Organization

Highlight what makes your organization so special. Maybe include your mission statement and any awards or recognitions you’ve won. Let them know what makes your organization different from any other.

5. Job Responsibilities

In this section of your nursing position listings you need to be as transparent as possible. Align the job’s responsibilities with the exact duties required in the contract they sign. Be completely honest about the duties and responsibilities of the role for which they will be hired. This is not only something that attracts qualified applicants but also doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

6. Salary Description

There’s no need to be exact but offer a range of what salary your potential new hire should expect. In addition to the monetary salary include terms such as “opportunity for growth” and give specific examples.

7. Benefits

The benefits you offer are enticing to many potential new hires. These go beyond the traditional benefits. Do you offer any tuition reimbursement? Certification opportunities? Student loan payback? Include these in your nursing position listings.

The Final Word

There are a few caveats to crafting an enticing job listing for nurses. Try to avoid using terms such as “sign-on bonus”. For a sharp, savvy applicant this may be seen as code for “can’t keep staff” which is a whole different issue. Never rush the hiring process or the onboarding. Allow them two weeks so they may notify their current job. Ensure the onboarding process is paced with their aptitude. Never allow them to feel overwhelmed or you might find yourself right back at the drawing board.

For more information on how you can attract nursing applicants to your healthcare organization, reach out to BOS Medical Staffing.

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