10 Incredible Nursing Opportunities to Consider When You’re Ready for a Change

The fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic is still rattling Americans nearly 4 years later. How? More than 50% of US workers are eager to change their jobs and even careers and many more are simply “quiet quitting” which is to say staying in their positions but putting in the bare minimum with no intention of going the extra mile for themselves or the company for which they work. 

And it’s no surprise that healthcare workers are among the biggest group of those seeking change. Of course the pandemic plays a role in the desire to change but there are other reasons nurses, especially, seek out opportunities for change.

Some of those ready for a change are seasoned RNs and CNAs looking for a change and some are freshly stepping out on their career path only to find patient care is not exactly their passion. The good news is that for those looking for something beyond their current job there are plenty of incredible nursing opportunities to consider.

Ready for a Change? Here are 10 Incredible Nursing Opportunities

As a nurse you may have spent decades or maybe just a few years honing your skills as a healthcare professional. If you’re ready for a change but still feel excited and motivated by healthcare in general we have some incredible nursing opportunities for you to review. 

Some of these positions are directly related to patient care in one form or another and some are simply in the healthcare industry. Some are excellent jobs for nurses who simply want a change and others may require an advanced degree but your job as a healthcare professional provides the ideal point from which to springboard. Whatever the reason you’re ready for a change here are ten opportunities that utilize your unique skills in nursing.

1. Health Information Technologies

Healthcare organizations have long ago ditched the paper record keeping and these days nurses from doctors offices to skilled nursing facilities, clinics and hospitals chart patient care via electronic medical record systems. Every intervention, patient assessment and medication administered is recorded and electronically filed in a system database. And all the while you’ve been honing your technology skills. Why not put those skills to use?

As a healthcare IT specialist you’ll assist companies in troubleshooting their technology. You’ll be called upon to assist in the creation and launching of software and systems for medical record keeping. Some hospitals and healthcare organizations even employ in-house IT for rapid response. Some certification may be required at some point but many entry-level positions offer on-the-job training.

Salary Range: $52K-$129K

2. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical companies and distributors employ sales reps to meet with physicians, surgeons, clinicians and the like to provide information on their pharmaceutical products. Nurses have a thorough understanding of how medications work and the science behind their efficacy. That’s what makes them ideal for this nursing opportunity when they’re ready for a change. 

There may be a good bit of travel involved with this job, even if only driving around your assigned territory. There are also opportunities to engage physicians and patients in research regarding specific products.

Although this position requires a bachelor’s degree you may up your own marketability by seeking certification.

According to Glassdoor the salary range for Pharmaceutical Rep is $92K-169K. However this may include commissions. 

3. Health Educator

The career of a health educator involves improving personal health as well as health of the community at large. This is accomplished through development of educational materials as well as programs that involve the community. Health educators promote community and personal health by assisting the people in finding healthcare resources and services, advocating for policies promoting health and developing strategies to educate and train healthcare professionals in community health and other programs.

Health educators find employment through national, state and local (county) government agencies as well as outpatient care centers and religious organizations to name a few.

Experience in healthcare as well as a bachelor’s degree or higher are among the requirements. You can, once again, seek certification in health education to increase your opportunities. 

Salary range: $46K-$73K

4. Nutritionist

If you like to educate people on the impact of lifestyle changes on health and chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease then a career as a nutritionist may be just the job for you. Nutritionists help their patients develop a healthy eating plan, monitor the effectiveness of that plan and tweak it when necessary. Nutritionists also may work with health educators to inform communities about the effect of a healthy lifestyle on overall wellness. 

As a nutritionist you may work in a hospital, rehab center, geriatric facility, pediatric hospital, renal clinic or in athletics. Depending on where you want to practice you may need additional training and education. Some states require certification for nutritionists. 

Salary range: $56K-$80K

5. Administrative Services Manager

An administrative services manager handles and oversees all of the healthcare facilities medical and health services. They ensure compliance with regulations and make sure the health and safety of the facility and staff are secure. To that end it is the task of the administrative services manager to create and institute policies that help the facility run smoothly and efficiently. In some healthcare organizations the administrative services manager also oversees administrative and clerical staff.

The central focus of a job in administrative services manager is administering those jobs associated with running the facility. Jobs in administrative services can be in healthcare facilities or social assistance programs, government agencies, healthcare education facilities, research or technology.

Salary range: $73K-$92K

6. Medical and Health Services Management

Those who seek a career in medical and health services management should possess organizational and administrative skills. They are tasked with the job of making sure healthcare facilities run effectively and efficiently. They must keep on top of compliance regulations as well as hire, train and supervise staff, organize and manage records keeping and facility finances. Some of the duties of the medical and healthcare manager may overlap with the administrative services manager. 

As a medical and health services manager you may be employed by a hospital, doctors office, clinic, skilled nursing and residential facility, government agency or outpatient care center. Skilled nursing facility managers must be licensed however other certifications are optional.

Salary range: $114K-$128K

7. Clinical Social Worker

A clinical social worker is part counselor, part services coordinator and part emergency intervention specialist. The clinical social worker is an integral part of the healthcare organization and the community. As a clinical social worker some of your responsibilities would be assessing the needs of the patient, overseeing or determining treatment plans, setting up services as necessary, responding to emotional or mental health emergencies and offering therapeutic services.

A clinical social worker with an RN background in patient care is a very sought after staff member. Especially for healthcare facilities. Ambulatory services, government agencies, skilled nursing facilities and individual and family services are among the other employers. Licensure in clinical social work is required in all states.

Salary range: $70K-$85K

8. Medical Research/Medical Scientist

Those involved in medical science and medical research work in a lab environment with the goal of improving the overall health of the community and human beings everywhere. As a medical researcher you would be responsible for working with a team of scientists and forming hypotheses and coordinating studies. You would organize clinical trials, record data and determine outcomes. 

Medical research is conducted, typically, in areas pertaining to specialties such as infectious disease, oncology, neurology and so forth. 

The biggest employer of medical researchers and medical scientists are universities and colleges. These facilities teach and conduct research as a part of their curriculum. Specific research facilities, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies also employ medical researchers and medical scientists. 

As a medical researcher or scientist you may need to advance your degree to a master’s or Ph.D. depending on the facilities requirements. Sometimes you are hired in an assistant position while you pursue your advanced degree.

Salary range for medical research: $57K-$97K

Salary range for assistant medical researcher: $34K-$46K

9. Speech Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists assist those with overcoming difficulties in speech, voice, flow, fluency and language. Speech pathologists are instrumental in assessing and diagnosing the patients’ issues. They must determine a plan for treatment based on their diagnoses. The speech pathologist also educates people within the patients’ families and immediate communities on communication and how to cope with these disorders.

While the majority of speech pathologists work within the education system at schools and school-run clinics they are also frequently employed at offices and clinics that provide a variety of therapies, healthcare facilities, skilled nursing facilities and residential facilities. 

Licensure is required by all states and some states also require certification of clinical competence.

Salary Range: $75K-$100K

10. Physical Therapist

If you have an interest in physical therapy an RN background is a bonus. Physical therapists work with those who have experienced an illness or injury that caused the inability for the patient to physically move. Depending on your education a physical therapist may be tasked with diagnosing the impairment, developing a care and therapy plan, setting specific goals, detailing progress of treatment, advancing the patient to other therapies as necessary.

Physical therapists are employed by physical therapy clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physical rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities and some larger sports medicine offices. For those with advanced degrees in physical therapy, such as a Ph.D. you have the option of being self-employed.

You will be required to advance your degree, complete a physical therapist licensing exam and, if you decide to become board certified in a specialized area of physical therapy you can attain that certification as well.

Salary Range: $85K-$110K

Your Skills Apply to Many Incredible Nursing Opportunities

As you see there are many incredible nursing opportunities when you’re ready for a change. You can either change direction or use your nursing skills as a pivot point to advance your career in another direction. 

Many of these incredible nursing opportunities utilize skills acquired in patient care so even just a few years of working directly with patients, developing patient care plans and giving meds work in your favor. Before you leave your current nursing job you should have your alternative position already lined up. This is wise even if you are stepping off to an entry level position with the idea of advancing your career in another direction.

One of the beautiful bonuses of working in the nursing profession is the bounty of skills that transfer to many other careers. Those skills combined with your unique set of abilities will take you as far as you want to go. Whether you just want to switch things up or advance your degree, it’s up to you.

We Can Help

Recognizing the need to switch gears and look for a new position may be difficult if you’re busy earning a paycheck. Let us help. For more information on these incredible nursing opportunities and more reach out to BOS Medical Staffing.

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