6 Healthcare Facilities to Pursue When Searching for a Nursing Position

For those just entering the healthcare field or considering a new nursing position it’s often difficult to know where to begin. The sheer list of healthcare organizations is overwhelming and the opportunities can be confusing, especially for new nurses. Here we offer the top 6 healthcare facilities to pursue when searching for a nursing position. 

1. Hospitals

The great thing about hospitals is they offer a variety of medical, surgical, rehabilitative and psychiatric opportunities. Social services is another hospital department that needs nursing staff. The fast pace of a hospital emergency room alone requires a fully staffed department. 

Of course your educational background and experience needs to be considered when applying to a specific department in a large hospital. Where you work depends on the nature of your education and experience. However a large healthcare organization like a hospital has so many different departments that require nursing staff it’s an excellent place to begin when searching for a nursing position.

2. Doctors Offices and Clinics

A clinic or a medical office offers nurses the opportunity to work in specific specialties or primary care. Of course these healthcare facilities vary in size and staff. Your shifts may vary as well but these clinics don’t typically provide overnight patient care. 

3. Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities provide 24/7 residential care. The residents are typically elderly and require assistance; however some of those in skilled nursing facilities are people with ambulatory issues or other conditions affecting their ability to live on their own.

Most of the skilled nursing healthcare facilities provide different levels of care including memory care. When searching for a nursing position in one of these facilities you will find they employ CNAs and LPNs for most of the hands-on care but nurse managers are also needed and must be RNs. Assisted living and independent living facilities are not the same as skilled nursing facilities and usually employ on call medical staff in the case of illness or injury.

4. Long-Term Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities that [provide long-term care are hospitals that care for medically fragile patients and those with conditions that require 24/7 care. They may provide pediatric care or care for adults. Typically the patients arrive at the long-term healthcare facility from the ICU after they’ve stabilized. The long-term care facility is different from the skilled nursing facility as the goal is to return the patient as much as possible to resume their life at home.

Long-Term care facilities employ a variety of healthcare professionals and when searching for a nursing position they are a very good option. The staff required by most long-term care facilities ranges from PA, NP, RN, CNA, wound-care specialists, dietitians and physical-, cognitive-, and occupational therapists and assistants. 

5. Birthing Centers

Birthing centers are becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to deliver in a non-hospital setting. There is a doctor present in the event of an emergency or complications but doulas and midwives take on the majority of tasks in the birthing process. Birthing centers also have a need for nursing staff so should be considered when searching for a nursing position. 

6. Hospice Care

Hospice care ranges from home visits to skilled nursing to a hospital-like center specifically designated as a hospice. A hospice nurse provides end-of-life care and support for patients and their families. Hospice nurses find the position extremely rewarding but it takes a special kind of person to provide the loving support necessary for family members and patients facing the end of life.

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