5 Nursing Certifications to Boost Your Hiring Opportunities

Nurses are key in every role of healthcare and because they are, it’s often required that they hold some degree of education, experience and necessary skills pertaining to the specifics of their specialty. In most states certification is a requirement for RNs in such areas as cardiac care, nurse midwife and advanced life support. 

Certifications are available for LPNs and CNAs as well. As an LPN you may seek certification in pharmacology for managing medications or IV management. Long term care certification is also available for CNAs and LPNs, with a primary focus on geriatrics. CNAs may need to pursue certification in Urology, wound care and special certifications pertaining to hospice and palliative care. 

As you can see the certifications available in all levels of nursing hone in on the specialty and specialized care you provide. As such, having a nursing certification helps boost your hiring opportunities. Let’s have a look at the 5 top certifications that increase your hire-ability.

5 Nursing Certifications to Boost Your Hiring Opportunities for LPNs and CNAs

For LPNs and CNAs the available nursing certifications center around care for the elderly, management of chronic conditions and specialized care. 

  1. Things like wound care which focuses on tending complex and pressure wounds, ostomies and wounds resulting from continence issues. 
  2. Certified Urologic Associates assist in preparing patients for surgeries such as vasectomies and managing urological conditions. 
  3. There are also opportunities for CNAs to assist in serving the incarcerated as a Certified Correctional Health Professional.
  4. CNAs are also needed as Prepared Childbirth Educators. In this role you would primarily coach new mothers on breastfeeding and lactation management. 
  5. Certified Clinical Research Associates are an integral part of healthcare. These certified clinical professionals aid in research and support research professionals in advancing medicine through treatment and medication.

5 Nursing Certifications for RNs to Boost Your Hiring Opportunities

As a registered nurse (RN) your duties tend to be a bit more medically focused as far as patient care and therefore your certifications will be more in depth. Here are five of the top certifications for RNs.

  1. Certified Gastroenterology Registered Nurse certification focuses on patient care before, during and after such procedures as colonoscopy, endoscopy and other probes of the digestive tract.
  2. Certified Addictions Registered Nurse allows you to work with patients in recovery. The focus is on rehabilitation in hospital settings, private clinics and outpatient clinics. 
  3. Nationally Certified School Nurse certification isn’t always required for working in school systems however it is a certification that will boost your hiring opportunities. As a school nurse you have a direct role in advancing the wellness of children.
  4. Cardiac Medicine Certification opens many hiring opportunities from administering EKGs and tests to post-op care including cardiac rehab and caring for the cardiac patient in a variety of settings including physician’s offices. 
  5. Informatics Nursing Certification is a great way to boost your hiring opportunities especially if you are interested in technology. This certification bridges the gap between medicine/patient care and communicating information and data through a variety of technologies. 

We hope these 5 nursing certifications boost your opportunities in the most positive way. For more on how you can make a difference as a CNA, LPN or RN contact BOS Medical Staffing.

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