Expand Your Nursing Horizons with These 5 Healthcare Roles Hiring Now

No matter the economy, healthcare is a universal necessity. And at the center of the need for quality healthcare you’re sure to find nurses. The demand for nurses, at every level and certification, is always high but today nurses are more in demand than ever before.

Here we offer a look at the top 5 healthcare roles hiring today for nurses. 

1. Registered Nurse

A BSN (bachelor of science in nursing) degree as a registered nurse opens so many doors and so many opportunities. RNs are needed in hospital settings, doctors offices and outpatient clinics. As an RN you will certainly be in demand for staff positions in skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, home health and many other healthcare settings.

According to a study published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. the number of available jobs for registered nurses exceeded three million in 2022 and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact the projected job growth for RNs is 6%, higher than the national average. And with a median pay in excess of $81,000 a job as a registered nurse is certainly worth looking into if you want to expand your nursing horizons.

2. Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse

With a growing aging population it’s no surprise that among the top healthcare roles hiring right now are for LPN and LVN. As an LPN or LVN you’ll provide patient care in hospitals, doctors offices, skilled nursing facilities, extended care and assisted living residential facilities and private homes. The majority of the care you provide will center around the patient’s basic needs. Beyond basic nursing duties the care provided could be toileting, bathing, assisting at meal time and the like. LPNs and LVNs often work closely with both patients and family and build relationships with those in their care. 

LPNs and LVNs work under the supervision of an RN. With a growth projection of 6% a healthcare role as an LPN or LVN offers job security and fulfillment for years to come.

3. Certified Nursing Assistant

The need for CNAs is growing. As a CNA you will perform basic nursing duties under the supervision of an RN. Right now the highest demand for CNAs is in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and assisted living. The majority of your duties revolve around bathing, feeding and dressing patients as well as repositioning and lifting as need be. 

The healthcare role of CNA offers a pivot point as you work on your nursing degree or, on its own, can be a fulfilling career option. The anticipated growth for CNAs is about 5% but expected to rise as the population ages.

4. Home Health and Personal Care

Home health and care aids provide assistance to patients with chronic conditions that require help with daily activities. Many of the patients suffer physical, emotional, cognitive and other challenges which make it difficult for family caregivers to provide proper care. As a home health personal care aid you will assist in areas such as bathing, toileting, dressing, shopping, housekeeping and getting your patients to doctors appointments.

The projected growth for home health aids is 25% over the next decade. Online courses help you acquire certification.

5. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are essential to every type of healthcare facility and private nursing staffing agency. Your healthcare role as an MA will center around patient scheduling, preparing the patient for any testing or procedures and performing administrative duties. Because you work directly with the patients you need to be able to calm their pre-procedure jitters by making them feel comfortable as you as you record any vital information the physician may need. 

While there currently is no certification required to be an MA, many healthcare facilities and organizations do want their MAs to acquire certification. There are several online programs to satisfy this need. And the anticipated growth in MA roles over the next 10 years is a staggering 16%.


If you’re currently looking to expand your nursing horizons and are interested in any of these or other healthcare roles contact BOS Medical Staffing.

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