Looking for The Perfect Nursing Job: 5 Tips for Today’s RNs & LPNs

Are you looking for new job opportunities to jump-start or restart your nursing career? You’ve already accomplished so much by getting your degree in nursing and you’re eager to put those skills and that education to use in your community. But, finding the perfect nursing job can be somewhat overwhelming. Here we offer our 5 tips for today’s RNs and LPNs looking to land the perfect nursing job.

1. Research Your Options

As you would expect more than half of the nurses in the US work in hospitals. The next biggest employer of nurses is ambulatory healthcare such as physicians offices and outpatient centers, then skilled nursing and residential facilities and finally, government and education services. 

The options, and schedules, are varied and even in a hospital setting there are several different specialties. Do your research to find out what these different nursing jobs entail and determine where you think the best first for you could be. Scan some job boards to get an idea what’s available and where you’ll find the greatest need for good nurses.

2. Polish Up That Resume

If you want to make a great first impression make sure your resume stands out for all the right reasons. A well-organized and informative resume is the best way for you to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your resume is succinct yet highlights your strengths, skills and experience, along with any special certifications you’ve earned which are relevant to the job. Don’t submit the same resume to each potential employer. Rework your resume so that it fits the job for which you’re applying.

3. Network

Seek out information from your fellow nurses. You may know someone who has the inside track on available jobs at specific healthcare facilities, the working environment and so forth. There’s nothing like inside information when you’re looking for your perfect nursing job. 

4. Consider a Part-Time Position

If you know what your perfect nursing job is, start scouting out available positions in that area. You may find there are only part-time positions available. Don’t be discouraged! Consider the part-time position for now. Most healthcare facilities and doctors offices promote from within and your part-time job could turn into a full time gig at any moment. At the very least you’ll earn experience which boosts your resume so that when the perfect full time position becomes available you’ll be even more valuable.

5. Look Into Contract Nursing

Sometimes you’re not really sure where you want to be or the perfect nursing job just isn’t available. Medical staffing allows you to try out new opportunities, hone valuable skills and get the experience you need to put your resume at the top of the pile. You can check out different areas around where you live or branch out elsewhere. When you work with a medical staffing agency you have all of the benefits of a career in nursing and more. It’s truly a win-win situation for today’s RNs and LPNs.


For more on how you can find the perfect nursing job contact BOS Medical Staffing today.

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