5 of The Best Job Search Tips to Help You Stand Out in A Crowded Nursing Pool

If you’re graduating soon, recently graduated, have been out of the nursing arena for awhile or are simply pursuing new opportunities you need to find ways to get noticed. Here we give you our five best job search tips to help you stand out in a crowded nursing pool.

1. Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter to the Job

So many times job seekers flood potential employers with a kind of generic resume and cover letter that lacks personalization. If you want to stand out in a crowded nursing pool, tailor your resume to the position for which you’re inquiring. For example, if you hope to be working in a skilled nursing facility, discuss any past experience with patient care that’s central to working with seniors. For doctor’s offices and clinics highlight any administrative duties you’ve had in the past or your experience or desire to work in a multi-faceted environment. 

The heading of your cover letter should have your name and contact information prominently displayed. Start your letter with a greeting including the name of the individual listed in the job notice.

If there is no name listed, do your research and try to find the name of the unit manager or call the healthcare organization and simply ask for the hiring manager’s name. In your closing statement you may mention you’re looking forward to hearing back and scheduling the interview. This is bold but will give the hiring manager pause enough to remember you. Sign off with a standard “Sincerely” as this is professional. This makes your resume stand out in a crowded nursing pool.

2. Create an Online Presence

Everyone has an online presence. If you don’t it may cause potential employers to wonder why. If you aren’t involved in social media, go ahead and set up professional accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Consider a new email specifically for your work-related communications. Include a URL to any employment-focused social media programs such as LinkedIn.

Clean up any social media accounts you have or once had on Facebook and Instagram. Delete and remove tags from any photos, comments or threads that don’t show you in a good light. Delete any political posts, memes and pictures. Set your Facebook to private. One of the first things the potential employer is likely to do is search Google before ever considering you for a job. Make sure your online presence reflects a professional, mature and upstanding individual.

3. Perform Your Due Diligence

Research the companies you’re interested in working for and take notes. The more you know about the company the more impressed the hiring manager will be. You can include a little bit of what you know in the cover letter of your resume or share some bit of knowledge in an interview. That’s definitely going to help you stand out in a crowded nursing pool.

4. Present Yourself Professionally and Enthusiastically

Arrive early even if that means you have to wait five minutes. Dress in professional attire. Sure you’ll be working in scrubs but if you want to make an impression dress in modest business attire for your interview, even a virtual one. If a potential employer is going to see you let them see the best version of yourself. 

Project enthusiasm for the job. A positive and enthusiastic attitude goes a very long way toward standing out and making an impression. Smile, engage, make eye contact and exude a confident and energetic vibe that tells your potential new employer they need you.

5. Ask Engaging Questions

Because you’ve done your research you know a little bit about the healthcare organization. Use that knowledge to ask questions tailored to the open staff position. You may also want to inquire about aspects of the company’s culture and mission. Particulars such as benefits and pay will be introduced into the discussion by the hiring manager so there’s no need to pepper them with those questions.

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