Why So Many Healthcare Facilities Are Turning to Recruiters to Find Nurses

Nurses are in high demand and the need for good nurses is only going to grow. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing the federal government projects that more than 220,000 nursing positions will be created each year through 2031. With that staggering number in mind, how does your healthcare facility plan to fill open positions today and for the future?

Because there is such a high demand for nurses, recruitment is a very labor-intensive and arduous task. Short-staffed facilities may not have the resources to attract nursing staff on their own. When outside recruiters are brought in, roles are often filled quickly by nurses who are qualified and vetted for your facility. There’s very little hassle involved on your part. A nursing recruiter could be the answer to your hiring woes.

How Nursing Recruiters Benefit Your Healthcare Facility

So, how does your healthcare facility benefit from turning to recruiters to find nurses? Here are just a few of the ways outside recruiters and nurse staffing agencies can help.

Using Recruiters to Find Nurses Simplifies the Hiring Process

Simplifying the hiring process is probably the biggest benefit to your healthcare facility. When you engage the services of a recruiter you uncover an easier way to bring the right nurses to fill your open staff positions. The agency handles all the entire interview process, vets the candidates and ensures all certification is up to date. 

Recruiters handle all of the tedious tasks involved in finding the right nursing candidates including managing payroll. When you turn to a recruiter to find nurses you benefit from their expertise in other ways too. These agencies work with all manner of healthcare facilities and are very effective at finding the right kind of nurses to work with your patients. 

Your Business Expenses are Actually Reduced by Turning to Recruiters

When you work with recruiters to find nurses you automatically reduce your overhead. This enables you and your administrative staff to shift your focus to other needs. Recruiting and staffing can be demanding. Working with a staffing agency that does the recruiting, background checks, certification checks, handles the hiring process, manages payroll and the additional HR demands is a huge benefit you may not have realized prior to turning to recruiters to find nurses.

Variety of Qualification to Fit Your Staffing Needs

Well-established agencies like BOS Medical Staffing have a well-developed network of nursing professionals. Nurses with various specialties, experience, knowledge and skill sets are at the ready. An established agency typically casts a wood net so wherever your healthcare facility is, we can meet your needs. That includes those remote and more rural areas that find recruiting and retaining skilled nurses increasingly difficult as the demand climbs.

Immediate Need? No Problem

As anyone who is in the healthcare business knows the need for nurses ebbs and flows with the patient census. If you suddenly have a need for a qualified nurse, recruiting and finding that nurse to hire now is impossible. Not to worry when you turn to recruiters to find nurses. They respond quickly and supply you with the right nursing professional so that you can get back to your mission of patient care.

If you’re still wondering why so many healthcare facilities are turning to recruiters to fill open staff positions, contact BOS Medical Staffing today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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