What Questions to Ask a Potential Employer Before Accepting the Nursing Position

Interviewing for a job is quite the process these days. In fact, the interviewing process is so overwhelming many nurses neglect asking the potential employer the right questions before accepting the job. They start their new job only to discover the nursing position they’ve accepted is not what they expected at all. 

Before you accept a nursing position you need to ask the right questions. Obviously at one point during your interview process you discussed such pertinent information as your earnings, benefits and PTO. But have you and your potential employer discussed your opportunity for growth within the healthcare organization? What about the onboarding process? Can you expect to feel confident in your new job or will you feel abandoned and floundering? 

Ask These Questions Before You Accept the Nursing Position

We want you to feel confident finding and accepting the perfect nursing position for you; one that you’ll feel comfortable committing to for the long term. In order to help you achieve the ideal nursing position for you we’ve put together a few questions for you to ask your potential employer before you seal your fate and accept the job.

Do You Have a Mentorship/Support Program for New Hires?

A mentorship program indicates a lot. First it shows that the healthcare organization you’re considering has a vested interest in retaining their staff. Studies show higher job satisfaction is directly related to new employees having a mentor during their first months on the job. And new nursing staff members are much more confident when they feel they have a mentor to turn to when need be.

How Long is Orientation?

Healthcare facilities typically orient new hires up to a month. It may be a week or two or, depending on the type of care and how specialized it is, your orientation could last a few months. Through orientation you can expect to learn hands-on patient care, protocols of the facility/organization and how to operate the technology central to care and administration.

How Does Scheduling Work?

You’ve likely gone over scheduling already but this is your chance to ask the questions regarding scheduling as it pertains to your personal situation. For example, do you have special circumstances? A pregnant or lactating mother may need breaks specific to her concerns (resting, pumping, etc.). You or someone in your family may need regular doctor visits which could mean an extended lunch hour or leaving early. Address these concerns before accepting the nursing position.

It’s also a good idea to ask about swapping shifts with coworkers and what exactly that would entail. 

Are There Future Education, Training and Certification Opportunities?

You’ve chosen a magnificent career and odds are you want to move forward and perhaps even up the ladder. Ask your potential employer about the opportunities for special certifications, advanced education classes and specialized training pertinent to your area of care. For example, if you’re accepting the nursing position in long term care you may decide to get certified in wound care. Will your potential employer be on board with covering the cost of training and certification? Absolutely ask these questions before accepting the nursing position. 

How Long Have Your Most Senior Nurses Worked for You?

You’re not asking for specifics here so your potential employer should have no problem being forthcoming. And you can learn a lot about the healthcare organization when you ask this question.  If there is a pattern of longevity you know this potential employer offers a fair amount of job satisfaction and rewards experience. If the most senior nurses among the nursing staff have only been there a few years at best then you may reconsider. As with any employer a revolving door is indicative of dissatisfied employees.

Contact Us to Advance Your Career

There you have the questions we feel will help you make your decision. If you’re interested in advancing your nursing career we have many opportunities for you. Please contact BOS Medical Staffing today.

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