How to Be The Medical Facility of Choice

Becoming the medical facility of choice in the area in which you serve ensures the success of your healthcare facility. One word from a disgruntled patient or family member can do irreparable damage to your facility’s reputation. A glowing review leads to a golden reputation securing your spot as the preferred facility.

In order to be the medical facility of choice you must hold your medical staff, healthcare providers, administration, and yourself to a higher standard than most. Don’t let there be a situation where the quality of the care you provide is anything less than excellent. Keep your medical facility above reproach by making sure the patient care you provide is impeccable.

This may sound like a tall order, given the current state of healthcare. More and more of the population in insured and flooding their local medical facility. From walk-in clinics to skilled nursing homes to large urban hospitals and small community facilities there is a desperate shortage of medical staff-nurses, technicians and the like-available to care for this influx of patients. Finding experienced staff capable of providing excellent care can be a bit of a chore. However, there are some solid solutions to the challenge of staffing issues.

A Medical Facility of Choice Begins With Staffing

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The key to building your reputation as the medical facility of choice is in hiring and retaining staff that is experienced, highly efficient, and knowledgeable. Poring over candidates for positions that need to be filled is extremely time-consuming and trying to find the ideal candidate to fill your needs isn’t always possible. Additionally finding ways to retain your talent once you have them in place can be tough in the competitive environment that is today’s healthcare industry.

One way to ease the burden of staffing your medical facility is by utilizing freelance staff. Working with an outside agency to recruit nursing staff and support staff makes sense. Your HR team can spend far less time trying to find the ideal candidate for the job. Outside recruiting agencies have already prequalified the candidates insofar as making sure their credentials are up-to-date and they have the experience you need in your medical staff. Any candidate sent to you has been thoroughly vetted.

When you work with a medical staffing agency in order to fill your staffing needs you’ll be able to fill positions much more efficiently. Training and bringing your new hires up to speed on protocols and procedures specific to your medical facility takes place right away. Your new staff member will be on the job providing the excellent patient care you require to make your facility the medical facility of choice.

Retaining your talent is much easier when you don’t need to require mandatory overtime in order to fill the gaps in patient care providers. Your bottom line will improve because of the expeditious manner in which your hiring is being handled, and you can use that to entice your staff and ensure their loyalty.



3 Ways Medical Staffing Helps Make You The Medical Facility of Choice


Patient satisfaction begins and ends with quality medical staff, but it isn’t always easy to recruit and keep the very best nursing and support staff. When you partner with a staffing and recruitment agency you take the burden of finding and vetting optimal candidates off of HR. Here are some more ways using the services of a staffing agency can help your facility be the medical facility of choice:

No More Employee Burnout: Emotional fatigue is a very real condition suffered by many caregivers at one time or another, simply due to the nature of their job. This can easily result in high turnover if it isn’t addressed.When you utilize the services of an agency you’re able to fill in the gaps so no one person or group is taxed beyond their ability to provide quality patient care.

Provide Coverage for Absences: Whether your staff member is in need of a vacation, becomes ill, or must take a leave due to a personal emergency a medical staffing agency will help you find the right person to fill in the gap. Productivity doesn’t suffer and neither does patient care.

Assists in Expansion and Growth: When you’re the medical facility of choice in your area the need to expand and grow is a reality. With the services of a medical staffing agency you’ll be able to fully staff your growing business with care providers immediately.


Adopting these strategies to fill empty positions with quality talent and medical staff, covering regular staff members’ scheduled time off or emergency leave, and preventing short-staffing will result in patient satisfaction and a reputation that will make your facility the medical facility of choice. Maintaining your place as the medical facility of choice requires a vigilant presence in order to make sure your talent is happy and not overworked. When you enlist the services of a medical staffing agency you are going above and beyond the competition in the quest for excellence in patient care and you will be the medical facility of choice.




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