Shiftboard Mobile Timecard Saves Employers Money


Change can be difficult and in a world where technology drives change at warp speed it can be frustrating. However when technology introduces a tool that not only improves efficiency but also increases productivity and boosts your bottom line, that’s a very welcome change indeed. Enter Shiftboard, the mobile timecard and tracking tool that works with you and your staff to replace traditional, time-consuming, manual timecards. 

The initial benefits of using the Shiftboard tool are obvious. Traditional timecards are subject to human error and exaggerated information. This results in additional expense and lack of accountability on the part of your staff. Shiftboard doesn’t allow for ambiguity or grey areas when tracking time worked. Designed to be highly accurate, Shiftboard utilizes a geotechnology tracking system for reliability. The result is a much more efficient and productive staff.

The Advantages of Shiftboard Mobile Timecards

Shiftboard is a state-of-the-art application that works with mobile devices such as smartphones and and tablets. Shiftboard offers an advantage to your staff as well as it’s so easy to use. There are plenty of additional reasons the Shiftboard mobile timecard provides a cost-effective advantage to employers:

Saves Employers Money:  Let’s face it, saving money is good for business. A healthy bottom line begins with an organized and accurate accounting of employees’ time. By working with GPS technology you have a dependable understanding of the hours your staff spend on patient care and the many tasks involved. Additionally the Shiftboard mobile timecard eliminates the need for manual recording of hours. This digitized process streamlines payroll and helps avoid the chance of human error.

GPS Tracking:  No one wants to be tasked with the job of “babysitting” their healthcare employees. It’s a waste of billable hours and insulting to your staff. However, given human nature, it’s frequently necessary to confirm your employees are indeed where they are supposed to be. With the Shiftboard mobile timecard app you’ll have a clear and accurate record of your employees’ timecard. The geotechnology uses a GPS tracking application to confirm your staff member arrives on time, takes appropriate breaks, and makes thorough use of the time for which you are paying them. 

Keeps Certification and Licensing Current:  With the clear and concise record keeping associated with the Shiftboard mobile timecard you’ll be alerted, as will your staff member, when the time for licensure or recertification is approaching. This eliminates any room for liability risks that could possibly fall through the cracks.

Accurate Documentation:  Another way in which the Shiftboard mobile timecard saves  employers money is by ensuring accuracy. Healthcare workers are often called on to multi-task. If a shift is particularly busy and the staff member needs to rely on memory when it comes time to record their hours, a lot can be lost or left to best estimations. Mobile timecards remove this task from an already busy healthcare worker’s “to-do” list by keeping accurate and reliable records of every shift they work. That accuracy, in turn, saves employers money. 

Increases Productivity:  This benefit can’t be stressed to healthcare facilities enough. When you use the Shiftboard app, productivity goes up. Traditional timecards do nothing to motivate employees. Productivity can’t be measured. When this mobile app is used HR has a way to track the staff members’ productive hours, time spent on certain tasks in addition to patient care, and you can make adjustments accordingly. This increase in productivity makes efficient use of everyone’s time and saves employers money. 

Prevent Fraudulent Activity:  Unfortunately there will be the occasional event in which an employee tries to cover up tardiness, or a longer-than-necessary break. With the use of the Shiftboard mobile timecard an employee can’t manipulate time worked. The record-keeping on this app is virtually failsafe.

Streamline Your Payroll Tasks

For medical facilities and hospitals it can be a daunting task to track employee hours, certifications, and productivity in an accurate manner. This change in the way these tasks are performed is owed to technology. This change is good for everyone.

Consider your biggest employee-related issues and you’re bound to realize they center specifically around payroll and HR’s tasks. Shiftboard is a location-based, time-tracking tool applauded for it’s accuracy and ease of use. Traditional timecards have a huge margin for error and gaps in accuracy. This equates to a waste of money for your medical facility. If you’re looking for a cost-effective tool to streamline the way you do business hop on board with Shiftboard.

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