How Agency Nursing Keeps You on Your Toes


Agency nursing is a bounty of opportunity for those from all walks of this noble profession. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, getting back after taking time off to raise a family, care for a parent, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking for a change in the action, agency nursing is the answer. With diverse positions available, and travel opportunities as well, agency nursing is sure to keep you on your toes.

In your career you’re called upon to rise to the occasion and take care of that which needs your attention. Nurses have to be resilient and able to juggle all kinds of responsibilities. Your skill for prioritizing patient care while handling administrative tasks, fielding questions from family members, coming to the aid of your fellow staff members, is what makes you the outstanding nurse that you are. With agency nursing you will certainly use your amazing nursing skills. 

The Fast-Pace of Agency Nursing 

One of the most positive aspects of agency nursing is that you are in the driver’s seat. You work as little or as much as you like. The freedom you find when you partner with an agency is likely one of the biggest draws in agency nursing. Working with an agency also means you have to expect to hit the ground running. You can opt to work any one of these choices in agency nursing:

Permanent Employment

Agency nursing assists you in finding the ideal placement for your long-term career. The agency works closely with myriad healthcare facilities. From hospitals to skilled nursing centers, physicians offices to laboratories, agencies are the first contact many employers seek out. Your opportunities are much greater when you partner with an agency.

Travel Nursing

Some of the most personally, and professionally rewarding opportunities come from travel nursing. Agencies are the ideal source for these positions. You choose to work for a few months at a time, or stay longer if you so desire. Your opportunities for adventure, learning new skills, and seeking out where you may decide to land are endless when you choose to try out travel nursing. Working as a travel nurse through agency nursing is also a great way to bust a potential career rut. If you’re feeling stale in your current job, travel nursing can help prevent burnout.

Contract Employment

Agency nursing offers contract employment for both long-, and short-term. This is a wonderful way to get back into your career after an extended absence, learn the area if you’re a recent transplant, or take on part-time employment opportunities while you work to advance your degree. There are endless reasons you may opt for contract employment. Contract employment offers you a stable and guaranteed number of shifts, along with the control of choosing full-, or part-time, long-term or short. 

Per Diem Work

Per diem work is what many people think of when they imagine agency nursing. While a job-by-job type of schedule is available, it’s not the only work you’ll find when you partner with an agency. However, working per diem is a wonderful way to stay connected while you tend to other obligations, such as family, or even furthering your degree. You have the option to work on a day-to-day, or week-by-week basis.

Ready to Answer the Call

The reason agency nursing can keep you steadily employed, and on your toes, is that much of the vetting has already been done. Your potential employer understands that you will be ready to work right away, with all of your education and credentials, certifications and license, up to date and as required. There’s really no lag time for you, or the healthcare facility when you partner with an agency. And in patient care there’s never any time to waste. 

Agency nursing may be just the call you need to answer in order to become re-ignited in your career. If you haven’t been working as a nurse for very long, agency nursing can add to your resume, build your skills, and help you find the right fit so you can use your special skills to provide your patients the best care. After all, isn’t that what this noble profession is all about?


Image:  Pexels

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