Working in Healthcare During the Holidays: The Benefits

No one likes working over the holidays and having to spend time away from their families. But in the healthcare field, it can’t be helped — patients’ care needs don’t stop just because of the holiday season! It turns out that there are several great reasons to work during the holidays, though.


You’ll Receive Holiday Pay

The most significant and most practical benefit of working over the holidays is the pay. While the specifics depend on the policy at your facility, generally speaking, you can receive overtime pay or even double-time pay while working shifts over holidays. Some facilities offer other financial benefits, like extra paid time off or holiday bonuses, for nurses who cover shifts on major holidays.

You’ll Experience a Festive Atmosphere

One benefit that you might not have considered is the atmosphere in your medical facility over the holidays. You might assume that there would be a depressed, morose atmosphere during this time of year, but you’ll find that it’s typically not the case. Most healthcare facilities experience a calm, peaceful, and jovial type of vibe — there’s just a different feeling in the air around the holidays, and it provides a great opportunity for you to connect with your patients.

You’ll Have Some Scheduling Leverage

This benefit isn’t necessarily set in stone, but it’s a good reason to work holidays nonetheless. If you step up to the plate and accept some holiday shifts, your boss or supervisor is likely to remember that later. You might even be able to use your leverage to request specific days off, and you have a good platform for trading shifts with your fellow nurses when you need to.

You’ll Get to Enjoy Holiday Treats

If there’s one thing that’s quite common around the holidays, it’s good food. More than likely, someone will be bringing in holiday goodies to your facility to share with everyone. Plus, family members of your patients tend to bring in treats to share with nurses as a way of saying, “thank you.” If you have a sweet tooth, working over the holidays might serve you very well!

You’ll Know You’ve Made a Difference

Last but not least, simply knowing that you’re making a difference is a big benefit of working over the holidays. Your patients still need care even though it’s a holiday — you’re stepping up to the plate and helping others in need. Isn’t that what the holidays are really all about?


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