Why is Integrity Important in Nursing?

In today’s world, it can feel like it’s harder and harder to find people or institutions with a high degree of integrity. But if you’re a nurse, it’s an essential character quality to have.

What is integrity, exactly? It’s defined as the quality of being honest and fair and possessing high moral principles. Being a person with integrity means that you’re honest and forthright, trustworthy, and confident. So why is this so important in the field of nursing?


Your Patients Will Benefit

First of all, a nurse with a high degree of integrity is offering their very best to the patients under their care. It goes beyond the day-to-day tasks of medical care, too. Patients tend to trust the nurses they feel have an exemplary, high-integrity character. Many times, they may share information or personal anecdotes with these nurses before they share them with their doctor or even their family members. That kind of connection is something only a nurse with a high degree of integrity can achieve. And it’s not something that the nurse even has to try — when they’re someone with an organic and natural level of integrity, others respond without even realizing it.

It Makes Those Around You Better

When you display a high level of integrity, it doesn’t just affect the patients that you’re charged with. It affects the other nurses, and even supervisors, around you. Your care facility is only as good as the weakest link — everyone else will follow the role models at the facility who demonstrate a high level of proficiency and character. That can be you!

It Improves You and Your Facility’s Reputation

Another great thing about having a facility staffed with nurses who approach their jobs with integrity is that it improves the facility’s reputation. Patients take notice, and their family members take note as well. Your entire operation’s standing in your community goes up just because of the mindset and approach of the nurses who work there.

Your reputation is improved when you work with integrity, too. That means that other nurses look to you for direction, and your supervisors will notice that. It’s all the more likely that you’ll be able to advance in the ranks or take your pick of other nursing jobs if you’re looking for a change.


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