Partner with Local Schools and Training Programs to Find Nursing Candidates

With it becoming more difficult to find qualified nursing candidates, it’s more important than ever for healthcare facilities to turn to alternative recruiting methods. One of the most effective recruitment tactics involves partnering with local nursing schools and training programs to find nursing candidates with the qualifications and backgrounds to work at your facility.  If you haven’t yet explored this recruitment avenue, these are some of the many benefits of partnering with local schools and training programs to find nursing candidates:


1) Outlets to promote your facility. 

Through strategic partnerships with schools and training programs, your facility will have valuable outlets to promote job openings and advancement opportunities. This includes having access to job boards, career fairs, and other community events in which a representative from your facility can meet with potential nursing candidates and exchange information. By taking advantage of these initiatives, you can not only share your job openings but promote what your employer has to offer in terms of salaries, benefits, and workplace culture.


2) Streamlined recruiting.

Sourcing candidates through partnerships can be one of the most streamlined recruiting methods for finding top-quality nursing candidates. Because you’ll find candidates through reputable and trusted educational programs, you can feel confident that you’re recruiting high-quality nursing talent prepared for your facility’s workforce. Over time, partnerships with reputable organizations in your region can become integral to a streamlined recruiting process that results in positive hiring outcomes.


3) Exposure to a broader candidate pool.

With online recruiting becoming increasingly prevalent in healthcare, partnerships with schools and organizations can increase your facility’s digital presence and boost your credibility as an employer. Schools and training programs will often market your organization to their current and former students, showcasing what your facility offers through their own websites and social media channels. This will amplify your recruitment marketing efforts and get your nursing opportunities in front of an expansive online audience of potential candidates.


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