What is Patient-Centered Care?

There’s a lot of focus on patient-centered care, but still a lot of confusion surrounding how specifically providers can effectively deliver this type of care to benefit both their patients and facilities. First and foremost, patient-centered care involves placing the patient at the forefront of all decision-making and customizing care to meet their unique needs. According to Indeed.com, patient-centered care has several benefits, with the most notable being increased patient satisfaction and improved employee morale. Nurses who integrate the principles of patient-centered care within their practice tend to achieve the best outcomes for their patients. As a nursing professional, here are some patient-centered care practices that can help you transform your career.


1) Increase collaboration with other providers.

In many cases, multiple providers may be involved in a patient’s ongoing care. Nursing professionals who proactively seek collaboration with other providers are better able to deliver high-quality care that considers all of a patient’s needs. Increased collaboration from physicians to physical therapists ensures that patients are treated with a holistic approach that allows for the most coordinated care.


2) Utilize electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Healthcare technologies can be a major component of patient-centered care when used ethically. Nurses knowledgeable about EHR systems and taking the time to access their patients’ records regularly can provide more tailored and comprehensive care. Electronic health record systems play a major role in allowing nurses to stay informed about a patient’s health conditions, providing instant access to a patient’s medical history. This can dramatically reduce patient treatment errors, allowing for the most accurate and practical course of care.


3) Create a safe space for patients.

When dealing with patients, especially those in a vulnerable state, it’s essential to create a safe space where they can feel comfortable and secure. Fostering a positive patient experience involves more than simply making a patient happy; instead, showing them that their feelings and concerns are prioritized throughout care. Nurses who are reliable, compassionate, and empathic to patients’ problems can treat their patients’ physical conditions while meeting their mental and emotional needs.


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