Investing in Your CNAs: How Professional Development and Training Can Benefit Your Facility

Professional development and training can benefit your healthcare facility and its certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Investing in your CNAs gives these nursing assistants opportunities to bolster their skill sets. Meanwhile, your nursing assistants can see that your facility wants to keep them happy. This may lead to increased productivity across your nursing team. And it could help your facility boost its employee satisfaction and retention levels.

When it comes to investing in your CNAs through professional development and training, there are many things you can do, such as:


1. Offer On-the-Job Training Programs

Find out what skills your CNAs want to develop or enhance. From here, you can create training programs tailored to your nursing assistants. You can host training programs to help your CNAs level up their skill sets. These programs can help your nursing assistants provide exceptional care to patients.

As you figure out what training programs to launch, consult with your nursing team. Your CNAs can give you insights into what they want to learn and your facility’s strengths and weaknesses. Next, you can craft training programs that align with your CNAs’ expectations.


2. Partner with Schools

Reach out to local colleges and universities that offer nursing programs. You can partner with these schools to provide your CNAs with access to a wealth of courses and educational resources.

In the best-case scenario, you can establish partnerships with schools that give you a pipeline to talent. Meanwhile, these partnerships allow you to upskill your nursing team. They can even help your nursing assistants gain the skills they need to thrive. Over time, you can create a culture where education reigns supreme and your nursing assistants are inspired to do their best day after day.


3. Offer Tuition Reimbursement

If possible, give your CNAs money to use toward professional development. For example, you can offer a set amount of money to nursing assistants that they can utilize to enroll in the professional development course of their choice. This opens the door for your nursing assistants to explore educational opportunities that they otherwise may have been unable to afford.

Of course, you can offer financial assistance to anyone that wants to become a CNA, too. Doing so can help your facility stand out from others. It can increase your chances of attracting top talent to fill CNA roles across your operations.


Investing in Your CNAs Is Critical

The best CNAs want to know that their employers support them. If you invest in your CNAs, you show your nursing assistants that you want them to grow within your organization. You can offer professional development opportunities designed to help your CNAs grow their careers. These opportunities can benefit your facility and nursing assistants now and in the future.

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