First Nursing Interview? 4 Ways to Prepare & Land the Job

Once you complete your degree in nursing you’re ready to take on the world! But before you do you need to find that first job. Here we offer  proven tips to prepare for your first nursing interview and land that job!

1. Practice

The story goes that a legendary performer was once asked, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” by a tourist in NYC. The performer ripped “Practice, practice, practice!” And so it is with acing the interview. Before you even step in to shake the interviewer’s hand be sure you’ve rehearsed some of the basics of an interview. Go over possible case scenarios (as they pertain to the position) and know your medications so there’s no hesitation when you are asked.

2. Research the Specifics of the Healthcare Organization

This is not to say you need to know the history of the hospital or healthcare facility where you hope to be hired. Just know a little bit about the people for whom you’ll be working. Look up the organization online and even scope out your interviewer on LinkedIn. Review the organization’s website and About Us page.

3. Know the Location

Is your interview onsite? If possible, practice driving to the location at least once so you know just where it is. This is especially important if your first nursing interview is in a multi-building healthcare campus or hospital.

If you can’t do a dry run (if your interview is out of state or a virtual interview) make sure you know the exact date and time of the session so you’re prepared ahead of the scheduled call. Ensure your internet is intact and your camera and microphone are working. Set yourself up in a quiet area where there is no opportunity to be interrupted and adjust the lighting as necessary. Turn off all instant messaging and alerts. You want to make sure your interviewer has your total and undivided attention.

4. Understand Your Why

At some point during your first nursing interview the interviewer will ask you “why do you want to work for us?” Or some variation. They may even ask you why you want to be a nurse. The answer to either of these questions is rooted in your vocational calling. In other words your personal mission statement. 

Avoid the temptation to reply in the generic “I want to help people ” or “I feel called to help heal” or some such. Prior to your first nursing interview do a deep dive into your whys. You may even want to journal your thoughts so you can flesh them out as a response to those questions. It’s a great exercise for new nurses.

Don’t Let Your First Nursing Interview Overwhelm You

Your first nursing interview will be overwhelming to be sure. With these tips we hope you’re able to keep those butterflies in your tummy under control and appear the easygoing and consummate professional you are. You’ve got this! We know you are more than ready to tackle your first nursing interview and come through with flying colors!

For more information on how to prepare and land that amazing nursing job you want contact BOS Medical Staffing today.

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