5 Recruiting Strategies to Attract More CNA Candidates

Recruiting and retaining CNAs is crucial to the quality of your long term care or rehabilitation facility. In the current environment it may be difficult to find qualified CNAs but it is critical that you establish effective strategies to attract more CNA candidates. With a few small tweaks to your current efforts we can help you attract more top quality CNA candidates, hire the staff you’re looking for and find the best ways to retain that staff.

1. Establish Partnerships

This is a great way to recruit more CNAs to your facility. Establish a partnership with schools in your area that offer CNA programs. Vocational schools, community colleges and the like allow you to gain exclusive access to candidates. You’ll gain access to some of the brightest and most eager candidates who are ready and willing to hit the ground running. And the more well-established you become with your educational partners the more your reputation will attract CNA candidates.

2. Referral Program for Employees

Your employees are an excellent source from which to recruit candidates. Reward your staff for referring qualified candidates to your facility. Not only does this provide you with recruits that are top notch but it fosters excellent workplace culture. Your employees feel as though they are making a difference and they assume a vested interest in the success of the facility. Incentivize the program with offers of a bonus, extra PTO or gift cards. 

3. Social Media Platforms

Social media is the go-to for so much these days you shouldn’t ignore it as a recruiting strategy. Use the popular social media sites as a tool for recruiting staff by creating a facility page where you can post job openings. Share insight to your facility’s mission, culture and purpose as well as engage with potential candidates through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to name a few. Social media is a fantastic resource for attracting more candidates to your open CNA positions.

4. Engage in Your Community

By engaging in your community through events such as a health-focused 5K, offering health-based education programs or collaborating with local charities you not only attract candidates but you also build a brand for your facility. You’re saying to your community that you value your neighbors and strive to be a valuable member of your local community. This attracts quality CNAs who aren’t only interested in a job but are invested in the betterment of their community.

5. Online Jobs Boards

The online job boards generate a slew of applications with very little effort. You can easily connect with more CNA candidates through these online boards and they with you. Take time to craft a compelling post that celebrates your facility in a way that will capture your potential CNA candidates’ attention. Be sure to stress the advantages of working for your facility in a way that encourages like-minded candidates.

Let Us Help!

For more on how you can attract more CNA candidates to your healthcare facility, reach out to BOS Medical Staffing today. 

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