What Are the Most In-Demand Nursing Positions of 2024?

It’s no surprise that nursing is one of the top on-demand careers in the US today. The nursing shortage has long been a concern, even before the Covid pandemic but now recruiting and retaining staff is even more a concern for healthcare organizations. And the demand grows as the aging population becomes more pronounced. 

Some nursing positions are more in-demand than others. Many of the most in-demand nursing positions require certification, specialty training and skills, while others provide an opportunity to simply hit the ground running. Here we take a look at the most in-demand nursing positions for 2024.

Registered Nurse

RNs are very much in-demand for the coming year and beyond. For specific areas those nurses who maintain certification and are able to demonstrate their competence in areas of specialized focus have more to offer. There are many certifications, depending on your area of expertise, that will advance you to the top of the hiring list. Here are those areas which are most in-demand in 2024 for RNs.

  • Critical Care Registered Nurse: CCRN saw the most compassion fatigue/burnout as fallout from the pandemic. As a CCRN you’re an essential part of the team and CCRNs are held in the highest regard among their coworkers and peers. Your advanced knowledge and skills focus on providing care for the most critically ill patients. 
  • Certified Emergency RN: A nurse who serves the ER is a special kind of nurse indeed. You’re required to obtain certification and be able to deal with a fast-paced environment of an ER. A nursing position in emergency medicine isn’t for everyone but that’s why CENs are in-demand.

Both of these areas are best suited for those candidates who have no problem advocating for their patients. Additionally CCRN and CEN candidates must possess a deep sense of empathy,  adapt well to varying care environments, have well-honed attention to detail and problem-solving skills and the stamina for long shifts when required.

Licensed Practical Nurse

As an LPN your job entails tasks like monitoring vitals, performing routine assessments and interventions, administering certain medications and communicating with others on the care team. As an LPN you’ll work under the supervision of an RN and provide vital information to the healthcare providers. Here are the most in-demand nursing positions of 2024 for LPNs.

  • Home Health Nurse: As a home health nurse you assist the patient in treating or maintaining their condition in their own home. Statistically patients do better in a familiar and comfortable environment and with your assistance they are able to remain at home. As a home health nurse you provide one-on-one skilled nursing care for your patient, spend time with your patient promoting independence in their own home, Work with additional care providers such as therapists, social workers, physicians and family members to advance the care plan. You’ll also assess the patient regularly and document your information. Typically the home health LPN documents clinical progress information as determined by the physician and care team members.
  • Certified Hemodialysis Nurse: An LPN with the desire to work in a dialysis center will fill one of the most in-demand nursing positions out there today. As a certified hemodialysis nurse you work directly with patients undergoing the dialysis procedure. As stated the position requires specific certification.
  • Wound Care: LPNs who are certified in wound care are currently in-demand in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes. With this type of certification an LPN is qualified to treat and care for certain wounds such as pressure sores, lacerations, puncture wounds, abrasions and burns. As wounds are quick to become infected the position of wound care nurse is highly in-demand especially with an aging population.


If you are an RN or LPN interested in pursuing one of the most in-demand nursing positions of 2024 please contact BOS Medical Staffing and we will help.

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