Skilled Nursing Facilities: What Hiring Managers Need to Boost Nursing Applicant Traffic

Skilled nursing facilities are among the hardest hit healthcare organizations in the current nursing shortage. Finding quality staff requires a health applicant pool and that requires increasing applicant traffic when jobs are posted. There’s not much we can do to stem the flow of nurses from the healthcare industry at large. However there are some things you can do, creatively, to boost nursing applicant traffic to your skilled nursing facility.

First and foremost it’s essential that skilled nursing facilities identify the ideal applicant best suited for the job. Take a moment to study the trends. Not only does this help ensure you’re getting the right applicants but knowing the type of employee you need aids in their job satisfaction and desire to stay. 

According to Fierce Healthcare, an industry news organization, a shocking 99% of skilled nursing facilities declared a significant staff shortage in 2021 and it continues today. That alone may lead to a haphazard search and hiring process that could be detrimental to your organization. By defining precisely what you look for in a nursing applicant you’ll be less likely to settle for just about anyone. Here we offer some additional tips for hiring managers to boost nursing applicant traffic.

In-House CNA Candidates

If you’re looking for CNAs consider implementing a volunteer/training program for those interested in the field. Not only will some of these volunteer trainees eventually become CNAs but you’ll get candidates who understand your company culture and protocols from having been with you. A well-run program also boosts your brand within the community.

Boost Your Reputation

Financial compensation, PTO and other benefits go a long way toward increasing your candidate pool. The best way to create an interest is by making sure your facility has a great reputation. Nursing candidates desire awesome working conditions as well as competitive pay and benefits. Designing a desirable company culture begins with your current employees. Treat your staff well and gain their trust and your applicant traffic will grow tremendously.

Connect With Local Nursing Programs

This isn’t anything new but it’s a long tried and true way for skilled nursing facilities to boost nursing applicant traffic. When you connect with local community colleges and universities that have nursing programs you’ll attract candidates immediately. Attend schools’ job fairs and bring along some of your top employees to encourage the potential new hires. It’s tried and true because it works!

Go Social

Social media sites are a great way to connect with nursing applicants. You can post recruitment videos, share job postings,  provide happy nursing staff testimonials and introduce your team members. Those who view your social media content feel a connection to your organization and automatically see you as a “familiar face” for whom they really want to work. The bonus? Social media as a tool goes a long way toward creating a buzz and boosting your credibility within the community.

Retention is The Goal

You’re always going to need to hire nursing staff. That’s a given. But you can ease some of the burden by ensuring retention of your current staff. Be competitive with salaries and benefits,   improve your onboarding program by introducing employee-mentors or a “buddy system, check-in with employees regularly to get ahead of any issues and watch for employee burnout. If your staff feels listened to, understood and respected they are more likely to want to stay. Just as with any successful relationship communication is key. 


For more on how we can help you boost your applicant traffic with qualified nurses seeking employment contact BOS Medical Staffing.

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