Why So Many are Finding Success as a CNA Right Now

You hear it all the time; the US is facing a nursing shortage. Blame the fallout from the Covid Pandemic or the fact that many nurses are aging out and there aren’t enough taking up the slack. One of the largest generations find themselves identified as seniors, which taxes the healthcare industry even more. As more patients fill the healthcare pipeline the need for nursing and support staff increases mightily.

As nursing staff Certified Nursing Assistants support RNs, NPs and PAs in hospital settings, residential care, long term care facilities and skilled nursing facilities as well as other clinical settings. CNAs are a necessary part of the team in larger doctors’ offices too. Some CNAs work in private and in-home care assisting those who choose to age in place or for whom a care facility is not an option.

In hospital and residential care facilities the CNAs help their patients with tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating and toileting. The CNA is a liaison of sorts between the patient and their care providers. They take the patients’ vitals and, depending on the rules of the state where they serve, may even dispense some medications. In addition to providing for patients’ healthcare needs a CNA is a great source of emotional support and companionship.

The Top 3 Best Places for CNAs

Healthcare depends on CNAs and their unique hands-on patient care. Many healthcare settings need the skills of a good and competent CNA and that means plenty of opportunities for finding success as a CNA right now. Here are the three top healthcare settings in which CNAs are most in demand.

1. Long Term Care

Have you ever wondered why so many long term care facilities and residential treatment facilities hire CNAs? In many cases, because the facility receives payment from government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, they are required to hire CNAs. Additionally, if you work in a nursing home prior to beginning your formal CNA certification training the facility is required to cover the cost of your education. 

Your workday revolves around supporting the RNs by administering patient care involving day-to-day tasks, answering the needs of your patients and being present to your coworkers. If a long term, skilled nursing or residential treatment center isn’t somewhere you want to work right now, no worries. There are many more opportunities for finding success as a CNA right now.

2. Home Health Agencies

You will be required to administer many of the same healthcare services as in a long term facility but usually on a one-to-one basis for your patient. In addition to dressing, bathing, toileting and administering medication you’ll prepare meals and likely do some light housekeeping for your patient.

You will report to a nurse supervisor or nurse manager who is your go-to for any concerns or questions you may have. A home health agency also employs a physician should medical concerns arise.

3. Hospitals

Depending on the hospital the CNA may also be called a Nurse Tech. Duties as far as patient care are similar to the agency and long term care settings but additional tasks may involve patient transport and sitting with the patient who requires a little more care, usually due to being a fall risk. Sometimes the hospital CNA escorts families or helps with patient discharge.

CNAs in the hospital setting usually work in a variety of specialties. One day you could be in one area of the hospital and the next in an entirely different department. Hospitals usually hire CNAs with some work experience so if you’re looking to move into a different setting for your CNA career make sure you have work experience prior to applying to a hospital.

For more ideas on where you can find success as a CNA right now contact BOS Medical Staffing.

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