How to Put Your Best Foot Forward During Your Nursing Interview

A nursing interview can be very intimidating. After all, your immediate future relies on the impression you make and the skills you highlight. You really want to stand out among the crowd and shine in the eyes of the recruiter.

Knowing how to prepare for your nursing interview gives you a leg up on the competition. Much like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ you have the ability within you, you just need to know how to use it. You already possess the skills of a quality nursing professional. You just need to present those skills and your shining personality in a way that shows the recruiter you are the best candidate for the job.

Here we offer some tips on how you can highlight your strengths in all areas of patient care during your nursing interview. Follow our advice to put your best (ruby slipper-clad) foot forward and impress the interviewers with your excellence in nursing. Show them what an asset you will be to their nursing staff.

Before You Sit Down for Your Nursing Interview

The best way to project confidence is by being well-prepared. This means performing your due diligence regarding the healthcare organization with whom you’ll interview. Here are a few simple ways to get to know the organization before you sit down for your interview.

Check Out the Employer’s Website: Go to the website and read about the organization. Learn their history but more importantly focus on their mission statement. In doing this you’ll gain insight into how they do business and you can better tailor your answers to fit the focus of the healthcare organization.

Dissect The Job Description: Of course your skills and education align with the basics in the job description. But, take a further look into the wording. Are they looking for a problem solver? Be prepared to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and ability to react in a thoughtful manner. If they indicate they’re looking for a leader, highlight your leadership roles and skills. By spending a few minutes analyzing the language cues in the job description you’ll understand which skills and strengths you need to highlight.

Practice: Practice your upcoming nursing interview by going over some of the typical questions and the answers you’ve tailored to suit the job. Reflect on personal stories demonstrating your ability to meet the skills mentioned in the job description. Be sure to mention those certifications and soft skills that align with the job.

During The Interview

Once you’ve done your homework and practiced a few times over you’re ready to sit down for your nursing interview.

Present Positively: Be upbeat but very courteous. If any of the interview questions call to mind an experience that was less than stellar for you, explain how you used your skills to overcome any shortcomings.

Take Your Time Before Answering: When you’re nervous you may be prone to blurting out the first answer that comes to mind. Take the pause to think about what you want to say. It’s ok to reflect before you answer. In fact, it’s a sign of a good nurse.

Offer Thorough Answers: Because you’ve taken the time to reflect you can now answer the question in a thorough manner. Provide enough detail so that your interviewer understands your answer. Communicate effectively.

Dress Appropriately: Dress in a business appropriate manner. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, conservative and fit well. Also, arrive well-groomed. Don’t look as though you just rolled out of bed.

After the Interview

Finish up your interview by thanking them for their time and shaking hands. Ask when they will be making their decision and if you may call them to find out. While this used to be indicative of an eager employee-to-be it may come off as too aggressive. Follow up your nursing interview with a thank you to the recruiter or interviewer with whom you met. 


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