6 Brilliant Nurse Retention Strategies Your Hospital Should Practice

Hospitals and healthcare facilities experienced nursing shortages even prior to the pandemic. Of course the COVID-19 surge didn’t help. Burnout was already affecting quite a few nurses but because of the pandemic things got a lot worse.

Today, as we move beyond the 2020 pandemic in most areas of life there is still a critical nurse shortage. Retaining quality nurses is a priority for every hospital and healthcare facility out there. If you want to retain your nursing staff you may want to incorporate these six nurse retention strategies in your organization. 

6 Proven Strategies for Nurse Retention

There are many reasons nurses decide to leave their profession, but a little understanding on your part can go a long way toward retaining your nursing staff. Here are some proven nurse retention strategies you should implement as soon as possible to prevent your quality nurses from walking out the door.

1. No Mandatory Overtime

Staff shortages are a real issue but please don’t use mandatory overtime as a solution. Mandatory overtime is really no solution at all and could result in exhausted nurses which may result in adverse consequences such as safety issues and diminished patient care. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, forcing your nurses to work overtime compromises patient safety. Do away with mandatory overtime to fill the gaps short staffing creates.

2. Offer Flexible Schedules

Many nurses abandon ship because they are unable to work typical shift hours. Many of those nurses would stay put if they felt their shifts were more flexible.  Shift duration and start times that are adjustable to fit schedules are enticing to nurses. Some of these flexible schedule options include part-time, weekend-only, job-sharing, shift rotations, compressed schedules and PRN.

3. Greater Autonomy for Nurses

When you allow nursing staff members to make decisions on their own and delegate duties you’re expressing to them that you value and respect their skills and experience. Allowing nurses to delegate within the scope of their practice goes a long way toward job satisfaction. Things like preparing medication, drawing labs, restocking, transporting patients for testing or imaging, assisting patients with toileting and cleaning patient rooms are a few of the responsibilities busy nurses should be able to delegate to support staff.

4. Accessible Technology

Technology, when used as intended, is a timesaver in busy medical facilities. Tasks like medication administration, supply management and positioning patients in bed could be technologically handled, freeing up nurses for more immediate patient needs. Updating the patient records software is something that benefits the entire organization. Today’s medical records include decision-support tools and predictive care based on analytics. Technology is only getting better and makes a nurse’s job much easier. 

5. Offer Competitive Salaries and More

This is a no-brainer. But be aware dollar amounts alone aren’t enough to entice nurses to stay. Incentivize retention with anniversary bonuses. Reward hard work with PTO. Work-life balance is a key factor in nursing/caregiver burnout. Gift cards for top local dining spots or theme parks make a great way to recognize a nurse who has gone above and beyond duty. Combine it with PTO and your hospital will stand out as a great place to work.

6. Contact Us

There are so many common sense strategies for nurse retention but, by far, the biggest move you can make is to keep your nursing staff satisfied and prevent burnout. To that end we have a few more proven strategies for you. Contact BOS Medical Staffing today and let us help you keep your nursing staff satisfied.

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