Thousands of Job Seeking CNAs: Can They Find Your Position Online?

CNAs have never been more in-demand than now. Your healthcare organization benefits from hiring CNAs, especially in the current nursing shortage. CNAs take up the slack and take on their responsibilities so patient care continues seamlessly. Adding CNAs to your staff prevents short staffing and lessens the opportunity for burn out. 

And there are thousands of CNAs seeking jobs right now. How do you make sure they can find your position online? Are you making the most of your online presence? Where can you post to ensure these jobseekers find your position online?

Here we offer a look at the most efficient ways to get your job posting out there, fill that position and moreover, make sure it’s seen by the right people. Also we offer tips on creating engaging job postings that pique the interest of jobseekers and help fill your open staff positions.

Start with A Strong Brand

Your brand is everything. The right brand gets you noticed and it attracts jobseekers to your healthcare organization. With so much competition among those who are hiring it’s important that you build your reputation and sell your brand in such a way that it’s attractive to CNAs who are looking for jobs.  

CNAs seeking employment should want to work for your healthcare organization. Build your brand and sell these potential employees on all that you have to offer. Highlight the benefits you offer, awards you’ve earned, positive recognition, employee satisfaction and your positive culture, mission and the values your organization represents. 

Make your name stand out by highlighting the employees growth potential in your organization and including positive testimonials from current employees. And a part of building your brand up as someplace highly desirable for job seeking CNAs to seek out is creating an engaging web presence, including your organization’s website. 

Outreach Within the Community

Another way to make your brand outshine others is by involving yourself in outreach within the CNA community. This allows you to actively engage with jobseekers in a unique way and builds a powerful pipeline which allows you to view potential candidates to determine if they’re right for you.

 Initiatives such as email or text campaigns, maintaining an active presence on social media, hosting or participating in job fairs at schools that have CNA programs and increasing your brand visibility means your healthcare organization will be top of mind for jobseekers.

A New Generation of Recruiting 

As we all know and understand, the newest generation of job seeking CNAs grew up online. Most are savvy in this regard and can find just about anything online. As long as you are there, on many different platforms, jobseekers will find your position online. As recruiting becomes more and more digitized job boards specifically targeting job seeking CNAs offer more opportunities to post your open positions. 

But, you must consider the content. Make sure you provide engaging and exciting information in your job posting. And as you’ve already polished your brand and made sure your healthcare organization carries a recognizable presence you’ll stand out.

Let Us Help

It can be difficult for jobseekers to wade through the constant stream of open positions for CNAs. If you need help finding the right CNA to fill your open position please contact BOS Medical Staffing.

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