Immediate Nursing Position to Fill? Do These 6 Things

The healthcare industry has faced staff shortages since long-before the pandemic. Nurses have been aging out, enrollment in nursing programs has dropped and the population in need of care keeps growing, especially adults over 65. When you need to fill an open position on your nursing staff you need to do so quickly. Here are some tips to help your organization find your new staff member when you have an immediate nursing position to fill.

1. Realize There’s Stiff Competition

Just as with goods and services when there is a shortage of available nurses the competition to fill an immediate nursing position is fierce. As competition increases the perks do as well. Enticing potential new hires with such things as signing bonuses and loan forgiveness, opportunities for further education and advancement within the organization. You need to be prepared to step up your hiring game and get creative with some perks to pique the interest of those nurses you need. 

2. Change the View of New Nurses to Fit Your Organization

Most nurses who’ve completed their program and earned their certification or degree look to the big hospitals for employment. They offer more in the way of salary and recognition. Smaller medical facilities and healthcare organizations do have an edge over those big flashy hospitals however. You can attract nurses by offering more flexibility. Nurses have greater opportunities to involve themselves directly in patient care plans, consulting and even administrative and potential management roles. 

3. Candidates Don’t Have to Have Much Experience if You Focus on Supervision

Experienced nurses, especially in specialized care, are harder to come by than those who lack significant experience. But everyone has to start somewhere, right? Take the time to strengthen your mentoring and preceptor programs so the new nurses can gain experience while under the watchful eye of senior staff members. 

4. Sell Them on Your Professional Development Opportunities

Make no mistake you have to sell the candidates on your healthcare organization in order to get their interest piqued. Younger nurses are savvy and interested, for the most part, in advancing their career with your help. That’s why things like mentorship programs, continuing education, tuition reimbursement and certification programs for which you pick up the tab are so enticing to this new crop of nurses. It may seem like you’re jumping the gun when you sell your organization’s advancement opportunities but you need to get that information to the candidates in order to get them in the door.

5. Strengthen Your Brand and Get Your Name Out There

What matters most to nurses? A commitment to patient care, quality of care and a dedication to prevent toxicity in the workplace. If your company culture is one of a caring and respectful healthcare organization you will automatically attract more candidates for any immediate nursing position you need to fill. Get involved in your community. Visit nursing schools in your area and help out where you can. Have your own nursing staff visit nursing school job fairs to talk up your organization and create a buzz.

6. Work with a Medical Staffing Agency

By far the quickest route when you have an immediate nursing position to fill is to work with BOS Medical Staffing. We have highly qualified nurses ready to fill your staff positions and provide the care your patients need. Work with us and we’ll connect you with the right skilled, experienced and certified healthcare professional you need. Someone who will hit the ground running. Please reach out to BOS Medical Staffing and let’s get started.

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