Passive Candidate Recruiting: How to Attract Nurses Who Aren’t Looking

Passive candidate recruiting when you’re trying to attract nurses who aren’t actively seeking a new job, requires strategy. When you’re expanding your team you want to engage with nurses who bring quality care, professionalism and an eagerness to exhibit their skills. Passive recruiting is the answer. 

How Passive Candidate Recruiting Can Work for You

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, passive candidate recruiting involves actively seeking out the job candidates you want even though they may not currently be interested in a new position. Recruiters and HR professionals often utilize this manner of recruiting because the candidates are statistically much more likely to be highly qualified and highly skilled. They’re experienced and able to hit the ground running immediately, in most cases.

So what are the most strategic methods for passive candidate recruiting? Here are a few ways to attract nurses who aren’t looking and add the staff members you need to your team.

Enhance Your Healthcare Organization’s Brand

Non-healthcare companies have leveraged branding to their advantage for a long time. Where in hiring staff or marketing their products, branding makes a name easy to recognize among their target customers and highlights what’s good about the company. Branding creates a buzz. 

Work on your healthcare organization’s brand and you’ll drive interest. Showcase your company culture and career development opportunities on all social media platforms. Highlight the benefits of working for your organization. Engage current nursing staff to offer testimonials by sharing stories. Focus on positive aspects of career development.

Build Professional Relationships

One of the positive points of social media is it allows you to engage with various professional forums and online communities. Share valuable content within these communities, promote your content on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Invite feedback and engage with nurses to build relationships.

Networking is a great way to farm new talent for your nursing staff. Be sure you attend professional conferences, seminars and other gatherings.

Work with Technology

Recruitment platforms offer a great opportunity to recognize the talent you need. Utilize online sources such as LinkedIn and Indeed to seek out potential candidates. Again, engage via professional content that offers insight into your organization.  Develop your own database of candidates you may consider for future openings. 

Use Personalized Messaging and Engagement

Reach out via email and personalize your message. Highlight how the potential new hire has the skills and experience that align with your organization’s needs and opportunities. Follow up in an effort to maintain contact. Don’t be intrusive but let them know you’re very interested. The potential candidate with whom you engine may not currently be interested but possibly in the future. 

Start a Referral Program

If you don’t already have an employee referral program, establish one now. Your current employees are one of the best ways to find the nursing talent you need. And be sure to reward successful hires to incentivize the program. 

Offer Professional Development 

When you offer opportunities for continuing education, training and certification you’re already a standout. No matter how small your healthcare organization your patients and staff will ultimately benefit from such professional development. Also make good on offers for nurses to grow their career within your organization.

Offer Flexibility

In these days of nursing shortages highly qualified candidates are often in the driver’s seat. One of the more attractive benefits (some say more so than pay) is job flexibility. Allowing your nurses to choose their shifts, recognizing the need for work-life balance and prioritizing benefits such parental leave, paid time off and mental health coverage. These benefits not only attract nurses who aren’t looking but help your organization retain high quality staff.

Today’s Passive Candidate Recruiting is Strategic but Not Difficult

Passive candidate recruiting is strategic, as you see. Partner with BOS Medical Staffing to find out more about it. Contact us and we’ll help you discover how to attract nurses who aren’t looking for a new job.

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