How to Recession-Proof Your Career in Nursing

Nursing Employment Agency Shares 5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career in Nursing

With an impending recession upon us, many nursing professionals have focused on increasing their marketability and elevating their career prospects. There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled a greater demand for nurses. According to Nurse Journal, experts believe that an aging population, new medical treatments, and pharmaceutical developments will continue to spur an increased need for nurses with all types of specializations. Nurses who commit to further developing their skills, education, and experience are projected to have the most employment options and salary growth opportunities. Several key ingredients are involved in recession-proofing your nursing career and achieving long-term professional success. As one of Georgia’s most trusted nursing employment agencies, here are our top tips for recession-proofing your nursing career


1) Boost your nursing career by continuing your education.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that nursing professionals who strive for higher education have more career advancement opportunities. There are many ways in which nursing professionals can engage in higher education, including pursuing certification programs; participating in nursing industry groups and organizations, and embarking on an advanced nursing degree (such as becoming a nurse practitioner). Depending on your current educational status and goals, numerous opportunities exist to expand your knowledge base and increase your marketability. From large-scale degree programs to professional development industry events, making ongoing education a priority will be key to keeping your career recession-proof while increasing your earning potential!


2) Be flexible.

A willingness to be flexible has become essential for professionals in today’s workforce, and nursing is no exception. In general, the nursing field allows for great flexibility, as nurses often can choose their hours and shifts, scheduling their work around personal commitments. For example, many facilities offer 12-hour shifts to nurses who desire more flexibility in their work schedules, allowing them to work only three days per week. By embracing a flexible mindset, you’ll have a broader span of employment opportunities at your disposal, giving you more options at various healthcare facilities of your choice.


3) Network with other nursing professionals.

As the nursing field continues to grow, there are countless ways to connect with other nursing professionals in your community and across the country. From nursing associations to online forums, there’s never been an easier time to build relationships with nursing professionals who can provide valuable mentorship and potentially expose you to new job opportunities and employers. Through active networking, you’ll be able to grow your network while establishing your expertise in the field. This is often accomplished by participating in panels and presentations, attending nursing conferences or webinars, and utilizing online resources and community groups. A sustained commitment to building meaningful connections in the nursing field will prove to be a significant asset to your career over time, allowing you to generate new job prospects and get traction with top healthcare employers.


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4) Gain experience working in varying nursing units.

When it comes to nursing careers, experience is often paramount. Gaining hands-on, practical experience in various nursing units allows you to learn from seasoned nursing professionals in many healthcare environments and settings. Often nurses who have experience working in multiple units are more appealing to employers, as they’ve acquired a greater degree of skills and techniques. By gaining diverse experience, you’ll add greater value to the facilities where you work and elevate your qualifications in the eyes of employers. The more experience you acquire over time, the easier it will be to meet fluctuating patient demands easily and confidently. More experience can also accelerate your career growth, making you qualified for management positions in the nursing field.


Experience is Key, but so are Those Transferrable Skills!

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5) Choose a specialization.

It’s a well-known fact that nurses who specialize in an area of medicine tend to be more in demand at an array of facilities. There are dozens of nursing specializations, including cardiology, anesthesiology, critical care, emergency medicine, oncology, and pediatrics, among many others. By choosing a specialization, you’ll demonstrate to healthcare facilities that you’re uniquely qualified to work specifically with certain patient populations. Specializations are especially useful for nurses who want to be more competitive in the job market and pursue positions at top-rated hospitals or clinics. Nurses with specializations also tend to be in higher demand for per diem nursing jobs based on their backgrounds and credentials.


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