6 Signs You’re Ready to Level-Up Your Nursing Career

Some things in life are obvious: when your check-engine light comes on you go to a mechanic, when your scrubs are too loose you buy new ones and when you don’t feel well (even nurses!) you go to the doctor. But sometimes the signs you need to do something are not so clear. They may be more subtle but you know there’s something going on. Like when you’re ready to level up your nursing career. Here are seven signs you should take steps to advance in nursing.

1. You No Longer Feel Challenged

Everyone at some point feels less than excited about their career. The same-old-same-old can drain your energy. If this is happening to you it may be because you’ve accomplished all there is to accomplish and you’re likely ready to level up. 

If you are constantly feeling as though you are just going through the motions and there is no challenge left to your job it’s a sign you’re ready to move up and advance your career

2. Your Supervisors Praise Your Work

Those nurses for whom attaboys are always a part of their interaction with supervisors and higher-ups may need to advance in their career. There are some subtle ways those in charge find to develop leadership skills so you can level-up. 

You may find you’re given tasks slightly beyond the scope of your current position or you may be the go-to for mentoring and onboarding new hires. This is an obvious sign it’s time to level up and use that recognition to your advantage.

3. Your Peers Rely on You

Whether it’s patient-care advice or something work-related, when you find your coworkers coming to you more and more as an authority figure it’s absolutely a sign you’re ready to level-up your nursing career. 

People look to natural leaders to help solve their problems. When your colleagues come to you seeking help in making a well-informed decision regarding their own career or how to approach patient care concerns you, my friend, have positioned yourself as a leader. Go for it and advance to the next level.

4. You Seek Out New Opportunities to Learn

In view of technology, healthcare is constantly changing. When you rise to any and all occasions to learn new technologies or earn additional certifications that’s a sure sign you have not stopped learning and have no plans to do so. If you’d like more challenges and opportunities to learn then level-up.

5. You Welcome Added Responsibility

When your bosses come to you with opportunities for added responsibilities and you rise to the occasion you’re ready to advance. Your supervisors see that you are confident in your skills so much so that you are able to welcome the extra responsibility and, moreover, liability. This is indeed a sign that you’ve met an abundance of challenges and you’re ready to level-up your nursing career.

6. You Adapt Well to Change

In life change is inevitable. Rarely do most human beings move through changes seamlessly. But if you adapt well to change in and out of the workplace you certainly are a candidate for moving up in your nursing career. It usually takes experience to understand the necessity for changing protocols in healthcare. 

Those who find themselves not only adapting to change but doing so with a view of the big picture are always ready to do what needs to be done to level up in their nursing career. 

If you feel you are ready to level-up in your nursing career, reach out to BOS Medical Staffing and let’s find the best path for you.


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