6 Challenges Today’s Healthcare Employers Face When Hiring

The healthcare industry is in dire need of good nurses. Yet there are some definite challenges that stand in the way of filling open positions in a timely manner. Overcoming these challenges and speeding up the hiring process is crucial especially now. According to a report from the National Governors Association a staggering 47% of healthcare workers expect to leave their jobs in 2025, leaving healthcare organizations desperately in need of qualified staff.

Obviously there are tasks which are necessary to ensuring the safety of your patients such as background checks and confirming certifications, but some of the more tedious challenges can be overcome once you recognize what’s stalling the process.  Let’s take a look at those challenges that slow down and stall the hiring process in an effort to make the task of filling those roles more expedient.

1. Budget Concerns

Budget constraints that limit your ability to offer competitive compensation tie the hands of many of today’s healthcare employers. With healthcare professionals in high demand it is an exceedingly competitive market. Moreover, potential new hires understand that they are quite popular and as such are able to prioritize their best interests.

2. Shortage of Qualified Candidates

In addition to the budgetary impediments there is a shortage of skilled candidates available to hire. The aging population continues to grow and the need for more and more healthcare facilities becomes evident just as the number of healthcare professionals dwindles. According to AACN the 2022-2023 school year saw a dramatic decline in enrollment in nursing programs. It’s a pretty big challenge when today’s healthcare employers just don’t have the qualified candidates to hire.

3. Recruitment and Screening Takes Far Too Long

The hiring process for many industries has become far too tedious and the process too slow. This is very true in healthcare where there are multiple stages involved. Tasks like recruiting, screening, interviewing (possible multiple interviews), vetting and background checks are time-consuming and if the delays are too long your candidate may decide to go another direction. Remember, it’s a highly competitive market out there.

4. Hard-to-Fill Positions

Positions such as anesthesia, lab positions, nurse practitioner and any other job that requires advanced certification, specialized skills and experience are among themes difficult to fill. And vetting these potential new hires through the proper channels slows that process down even more. 

5. Onboarding Process That’s Too Complicated

An onboarding process that’s too involved, complicated or inconsistent may turn off candidates who make it that far. Add to that mountains of paperwork, multiple interviews, unclear communication and you’ll discourage many qualified candidates from the start. Lack of communication between departments creates even more confusion and adds to the inconsistencies of both the hiring and onboarding process. 

6. High Turnover

Today’s healthcare employers certainly consider high turnover rates a challenge. Its not necessarily a reflection on the healthcare employer but more a sign of the time. There are too many open positions that healthcare employers are clamoring to fill and poaching staff is unfortunately a common occurrence. 

That being stated, it’s very important to ensure you treat your staff well and the healthcare employer stays ahead of factors such as work-related stress, no opportunity for advancement and, ultimately, caregiver burnout. A high turnover rate spells eventual disaster for healthcare employers. Recruiting and onboarding staff only to have them walk out the door shortly after is costly and reflects poorly for any future candidates. High staff turnover also directly impacts staff morale and patient care. 

Helping Healthcare Employers Overcome Hiring Challenges

BOS Medical Staffing helps healthcare employers overcome these challenges in many ways. First of all we take care of the vetting and background checks so you know your new staff member is able to hit the ground running. We bring the right candidate to you and have an extensive network of LPNs, CNAs, RNs and specialized nursing staff. Contact BOS Medical Staffing today and together we’ll overcome your hiring challenges.

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